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This apartment is located at 215 C Street, SE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“We invite you to discover 215 C Street Apartment Homes, a hidden gem in the heart of Washington DC’s Capitol Hill. We are conveniently located two blocks from the South Capitol Metro and one block from Pennsylvania Avenue with its shopping, dining,and entertainment. Easy walking distance to The House and Senate Office Buildings,The Library of Congress, The Supreme Court, and The Capitol and just TWO blocks from Capitol South Metro station.”

Since I did a bunch of walking around the Hill I thought I’d check a rental option. I was intrigued by this one because of the 2 months free rent plus a $1000 visa gift card. I hadn’t seen a perk like that before. So does $1420 sound reasonable for an efficiency at this location (plus perks)?

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  • An efficiency for $1420? No.

  • 1400 for a room in southeast?

    thought about it.

    i’m in

    – nard dog

  • Hmm… well that’s actually $1183/month, if you only plan to stay for a year. Are utilities included?
    Still seems high, but eh, that’s why I don’t live in a studio. It always seems high to me.

  • Convenient as hell if you’re a hillrat, places in Cleeps/Woodley are about this much, and knock off 300/mo with all the givebacks. Of course, your year 2 rent increase is off of the 1420 baseline, but if you leave after the first year, you dodge that bullet. If I was in the market in this neighbourhood, I’d seriously consider it.

  • I actually think that’s a pretty good deal considering the perks (it becomes much less of a good deal in year 2 if you can’t work out some kind of new deal).

    I paid more than what you’d end up paying here for a similar efficiency in a less nice building much further away from the metro and downtown, and that was 2 years ago…

  • I have to imagine you’d be able to negotiate something similar for year 2 if you really wanted to stay. Maybe not $1100 but I can’t imagine it’d go up to $1420. If they can’t rent in now for $1420, why would they expect to 12 months from now? But I’ve never dealt with one of these “2 months free” deals, so I can’t say from experience.

  • Counting the 2 free months and the $1000 gift card, that works out to $1100 a month for the first year. I think that’s pretty reasonable for the area (especially if it includes utilities, which it doesn’t discuss).

    I say good deal for someone who’s only staying a year.

  • what about the autistic kid?!im worried!

  • this is dangerously close to good stuff. you will get fat from toasted marshmallow milkshakes for sure.

  • yeah. good deal. definitely good deal. yeah. definitely. good deal. definitely good deal.

  • I pay $1150 utilities included for a one bedroom a couple blocks away, bad deal…especially if utilities aren’t included.

    • And of course, there is Capital Suites across the street always blasting Mariah Carey and Celine Dione 300 days a year out of their outdoor speakers at all hours of the day, and Christmas music blasting the remaining 65 days.

  • Seems like a bit pricey but i could see it being perfect for a workaholic on the hill that needs a nearby crash pad.

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