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  • this is why I’m really glad I live in a historic neighborhood.

  • Where is the house located?

  • Is this house sturdy enough to support itself let alone a pop-up?

  • The house was the one where I and another resident challenged the zoning variance with almost no help from our ANC. She just signed off on it based on the word from one of the agencies. The addition was supposed to have a mansard roof but I’m not seeing the leaning that would hint at that kind of roofing. The owner is also trying to open up a falafel place on 6th and Q. The house is a Wardman. The block is full of Wardmans and it is essentially a duplex as a connecting house is no longer.
    It could have been worse as the pre-challenged drawings for the house had a more suburban gabled roof. At least the roof is flat-ish.

  • It’ll get a mansard on top of that framing. It’s going to be brick veneer, so the load bearing historic masonry should support it no problem.

    It’s just going to be ugly as a sidewalk turd.

  • Oh yeah: 1721 4th Street. Half block outside the LeDroit Park Historic District.

  • Jeez, they didn’t even set it back from the street, that might be ugly.

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