Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Whole House in Hillcrest Edition


This home is located at Branch Ave SE & Denver St SE in the Hillcrest neighborhood:

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This is a suggestion from Nichole who says that “Hillcrest in SE, just across the river is absolutely gorgeous with all its big, old houses”.

The Craigslist ad says:

“FABULOUS 6 Bedroom/3 Bathroom single family house with luxury touches including Granite, Stainless Steel Appliances, Hardwood, CAC, in-unit W/D and lovely back yard with off-street parking. Large open-plan kitchen/dining room on main level with separate living room. Family room/Den in basement with additional room that could be used as 7th bedroom or office. Walk to Naylor Road METRO, Metro Bus stop across the street.”

Does $2800 sound reasonable for this huge house? Anyone else familiar with the Hillcrest neighborhood?

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  • Well yeah it sounds like a great deal until your Christmas party gets interrupted by gun-toting youths that steal your liquor.

  • Well RKAM, according to crime stats the neighborhood immediately surrounding this house is 700% safer than where I live in Mt Pleasant. I’ve heard Hillcrest is great, and my boss and his wife used to live in a condo there before having kids and moving to Arlington.

  • I think what RKAM means to say is “black people live there.” I’m pretty sure there are more gun-toting youth in Adams Morgan than Hillcrest.

    • What is it about this board where everyone feels the need to come scream RACISM!!!!? I was making a simple joke about what happened to the And Now, Anacostia author. And I’m well aware of the crime in Adams Morgan. Lighten up.

  • Hillcrest is very nice. It’s a beautiful neighborhood. If you put NW by its street signs you could easily double the list prices.

  • Yeah, Hillcrest is pretty safe. It nice, the homes are huge, but there is nothing there. Its the suburbs without any sububan amenities like malls and stores.

  • Hillcrest is awesome!! I want to move out there away from all these white people that gentrified my neighborhood in the past few years.

  • I like how everything is a short walk to the metro…walking to the metro from this house is about 20 minutes…is dc being overtaken by power walkers?

    • It’s only a 10 minute walk according to Google Maps, 0.5 miles. That’s closer to the metro where I live, on 18th and Columbia.

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