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This apartment is located at 3540 Rock Creek Church Rd NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This beautiful one bedroom condo is located in Columbia Heights, NW, Washington DC; including: Hardwood floors, full granite countertops kitchen, Stainless Steel appliances (dishwasher, gas stove/oven, microwave, fridge), Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, marble floor with stainless steel fixtures, washer & dryer in unit, and cable/internet ready. Private off-street parking space AVAILABLE and negotiable. Utilities; Gas, water, and garbage fee included in rent. Condo is walking distance to two DC metro stations (Green line only 2 blocks away), Metro bus (in front of the building), and only 5 to 10 minutes by car to Down Town DC. PERFECT LOCATION…”

Does $1750 sound reasonable for a 1 bedroom in this location?

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  • Can’t you live at the Highland Park building right on top of the metro and Commonwealth for about the same $?

  • um… isn’t that the same picture as the ghostly home of youth and development post below… oohh… pay $1750 to never been seen again…

  • You can live in Park Place on top of the Petworth metro for slightly cheaper (with the current offers) and with more amenities …

  • Haha absolutely not.

  • bwahahaha

    I rent a 3BR rowhouse a couple blocks away on Warder for slightly more than that. Same distance from the Metro, and we have a backyard! Not a good deal at all.

  • no effing way. what a rip.

  • Yeah thats a bit overpriced…I live within a block or two of that place. I have a one bedroom, 900 square foot and all new appliances as well, and including util our total cost is around 1550.

  • I’d pay $900… maybe

    Then again I’m not their target clientele

  • you’d have to be a real sucker to pay $1750 for that apartment. i like this location in general, but for that much money you can be a lot closer to restaurants, bars and shopping in a nice building with good amenities.

  • No f’ing way. You can rent in Dupont for a little more than that.

  • The photos look nice but the price is out of line for the neighborhood. It does have utilities included, which should be taken into consideration. I think they could get around $1350/month (some of the older, less-renovated buildings right near the Petworth metro offer 1Brs for $1050 to $1150)). Any higher than that and it seems like you’d just choose a different neighborhood.

    I’m pretty sure I know what building this is in – a condo building. I suspect that the owner’s mortgage is around $1700/month…but I think that is the difference in buying in this neighborhood vs. renting. For 1BRs, there are a lot cheaper options for renters.

  • Soon enough we’ll all be priced out to Manhattan.

  • Sounds like a lot. I’m two blocks away with a 1 br that with utilities is $930. Granted my laundry is in the basement, I don’t have a jacuzzi tub, and there’s no marble or whatever else, but I still think $1750 is a little nuts. That’s $8,400 more in rent per year than what I pay. Who is picking to pay that much more for marble counter tops?

  • No matter what is inside that 1BR apartment it’s not worth it at that location

  • aha hahahaha someone is out of their gourd if they think they’ll get that in Petworth.

  • I love how it is 2 blocks (quarter mile) from the Petworth Metro and 3 blocks (half mile) from DCUSA. Blocks are just so arbitrary.

  • A. NO WAY; total rip-off
    B. I love how it’s 2 blocks from the Petworth metro station, but says Columbia Heights. UGH. STOP IT.

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