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This basement apartment is located in Brookland, NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Brookland, NE DC. Wonderful 600 sq/ft basement studio apt. unfurnished now available. Carpeted, open living space, kitchen with all amenities, wlk/in closet, own w/d and a/c unit. 1/2 blk to bus, 6-7 blks to redline Metro. Near Catholic University, Turkey Thicket rec center, YES organic food market, Giant & Home Depot shopping center. Very convenient to Capitol Hill or Downtown DC. Non-smoker, no pets, references. $675 + utilities.”

I wanted to post this one because it seemed so reasonable. What do you guys think about $675 for a basement studio in Brookland?

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  • it’s great if you want a more quiet area and you don’t mind being somewhat secluded from bars, shops, etc.

  • It doesn’t look very appealing to me (small, no light, no bedroom, etc) but if you’re on a say $35k salary and want your own place in a Metro-accessible location in NW DC, you probably wouldn’t be able to find anything better than this.

  • Brookland is in NE. And that’s a hefty walk to the metro. But it really would be hard to beat that price for an apartment in a livable area.

  • This is grad school housing all the way.

  • That actually looks on the low side to me. What does room in an group home go for in brookland? Surely $500+.

    • Yeah, probably around that I’d guess, but with a group house you’re above ground and have access to more space, even though a lot of it’s shared. So I wouldn’t expect a basement apt to be much more than a room in a group house, especially one like this that’s kinda dingy.

  • only thing worse than living in a hole is living in a hole in a boring neighborhood. Though I could see this working for a student who mostly just sleeps here.

  • Wow, depressing. And references are required?

    On a positive note, the house is cute.

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