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This apartment is located at 1631 6th Street, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Spacious 950 square foot two bedroom apartment located in the heart of Shaw. Newly remodeled bathroom and kitchen. Gorgeous hardwood floors. Metro one block away. Shaw metro entrance located on the north side of R Street, between 7th and 8th Streets. Green and Yellow lines.”

This looks like it might be a great deal – $1395 for a 2 bedroom sound reasonable for this location?

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  • If I were a couple I’d rent it in a heartbeat.

  • Amazing deal.

  • That’s hell of a price. Something must be wrong. Sure, that area can be a litttlllee stabby, but it’s not the worst.

  • $35 application fee

    Here’s a good idea for a scam – list a great (fake) deal on craigslist, then charge everyone who’s interested $35 to “apply”.

    I’m just sayin’.

  • That area is actually nice. I live around the block and have never been concerned for my safety and I’m a young, white woman. If this is a real apartment, that is a really good price for the area.

  • has to be fake .. application fee scam makes sense.

  • For a lot of local real estate groups, a $35 application fee is par for the course. At least, back when I was looking a couple years ago.

  • Wow way too cheap…what gives? Perhaps its really a junior one bedroom with a den?

  • Live a bit further, for a bit more, so price seems like a good deal.

    Also, last year, when we was moving, applications fees were $35 (some even more) in ALL the places we applied and also looked at.

  • I live in this building now. I wouldn’t recommend the building. There are some bug problems and a lot of noise issues from other tenants and building neighbors. For a family on a budget it’s not bad, but I do not recommend this building and I certainly do not feel it’s worth $1400 a month unless that unit is far different from my own.

    A few of the current residents, some of whom have lived here for a long time (i’m moving as well, after a year), are moving because management is changing. The building is currently managed by Home Realty and they do a great job, but management is changing to the property owner Greg Williams, and many tenants have problems with him, not sure why.

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