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  • Don’t let one idiot drag you down. It is sad that someone gets pleasure defacing a great piece of artwork for the neighborhood.

  • Dang, this \MOE\ kid gets around. This same person has tagged almost everything you can think of up and down Georgia Ave. I am assuming this is his nickname, has anyone else noticed \Moe\ around town?

  • Graffiti is modern art. It’s the voice of the voiceless.

    • Please – this is NOT modern art. It is vandalism

    • …and armed muggings are valid expressions of the underprivileged masses’ attempt to survive economically through the only means available to them…unless you consider getting a job, that is.

      oh brother! give me a frickin break – what exact artistic message is this “voiceless” person trying to express by defacing some neighborhood kids’ mural. i suspect the folks who designed and produced the mural are pretty voiceless themselves in the whole big scheme of things. ‘talk about making pathetic excuses for anti-social behavior.

      in other words, neener, I hope you were being sarcastic in your comment.

      • Having seen many of neener’s previous comments, I’m going to go ahead and assume he was sarcastic.

  • Moe is a dick.

  • This is sad. There’s a mural that went up shortly before Obama took office in Adams Morgan. It’s a picture of the White House with the caption “If you lived here you’d be home right now…but you still couldn’t vote.” It was vandalized way too soon after it went up. I wish someone could or would repair it, but I understand why the artist would be discouraged from going to the effort with assholes like this around.

  • Continuing the fine Borf-like tradition of vandalizing small minority owned businesses. This tagger is probably just another rich white kid from Potomac.

  • I’m so sick of seeing this stooge’s garbage all over the city! Graffiti is art. Tagging is not. Defacing public works of art is vandalism. Here’s hoping for the intersection of street “art” and street justice.

  • The problem is there are, apparently, not strong enough disincentives. These guys are very hard to catch, but when they are caught, the punishment has to be meaningful and tailored to the crime. Since they obviously have a lot of free time, how about 40 hours of community service spent picking up trash and cleaning graffiti for each and every instance of graffiti reasonably attributable to the perpetrator? If more folks were caught and subjected to actual meaningful punishment, perhaps word might get around … this drives me absolutely nuts because it is basically a big f-u to the community, especially when someone is willing to tag someone else’s hard work and artistry. It just reflects a fundamental selfishness that is probably impossible to remedy at a certain point, but possibly could be deterred.

  • I generally oppose the death penalty, but it should be available for taggers and incompetent drivers.

  • Tagging is one thing and tagging over a mural is another. It makes me furious. Little PUNKS!

  • I think there should be snipers stationed on roof tops who have the authority to take out a tagger the minute he pulls out a paint can. Death from above – now that would be a deterent.

  • What I don’t understand is how they get away with it…some of the tagging obviously takes some time and they get it done at night in very well lit places with plenty of foot traffic and cars driving by…

    Agreed the city needs to take a much harder stance it…defacing someone else’s property is not art, it’s vandalism…

  • Thats just wrong…and sad.

  • Fluurpsy blurrgen fluurgen.

  • I definitely accept the possibility that there are some spaces that are improved by graffiti, as long as it’s well done. This, however, fails by any standard. It’s a whack tag defacing a nice mural. Period.

    I just don’t get it. There are so many spaces for street art available that – honestly – wouldn’t piss people off. But people throw their whack tags on community murals. It’s a shame.

  • Why doesn’t someone tack up a sign in the little garden that says, “Hey Moe! You’re a douchebag.”

  • Are we sure it is definitely “MOE”? I thought it said “SNOB”.

  • It’s just kids being kids. Given them a break. (dripping with sarcasm)

  • If anything nobody should be deterred from still patronizing the bakery because of a tag. If you like the bakery who’s give’s a crap. It’s not “Moe’s” mural and they can paint/tag over top of his efforts again(actually I thought it was “Mob” which goes to show you how little this tagger’s message communicated anything). Looking at it again I’d say I still pay more attention to the mural than the tag honestly. I wouldn’t bother taking it personally either.

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