The Crest Condos Coming to 3517 13th St, NW


I wanted to share a rendering I received of The Crest condos coming to 3517 13th St, NW. It is nice to see this building start to get some love. When completed there will be 9 units. Here’s what it looks like now:


Ed. Note: Urban Pace, an advertiser with PoP, represents sales for The Crest.

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  • I remember thinking when that place was for sale and looking even more of a dump that it would make a good investment. Nice location.

  • The rendering of what it will look like looks fantastic (although if I were them, I would provide a proper terrace with tables and chairs on the level closest to the building)

  • It’s sad that they are throwing out the classic balcony railings and replacing with cheap snap-together metal. Agree that it will be a plus in the neighborhood.

    • I totally agree, AP! Urban Pace, please keep the original balustrade (or at least copy the design if you have to rebuild). The cheese-ball pressed-metal railings in the rendering look wimpy and anemic.

      According to their web-site, the condos will have “stunning modern features.” The cynic in me can only picture beige Home Depot cabinetry, brown/tan granite, light beige tiles/wood floors, and a complete lack of any original or period-appropriate woodwork. Don’t live up to my jaded expectations, Urban Pace!

  • your sponsors were major non-shoveling offenders over snowpocalypse. they’ve also been blocking the entire sidewalk with janky wooden bridges and thrown dirt from the lot all over the public space.

    that being said, they’ve been better lately…

  • PoP, what’s it going to take to get you to start posting cross streets when you post addresses? I’m numerically and spacially challenged! GIVE ME CROSS STREETS!

  • **Correction-Urban Pace (who I work for) is the real estate brokerage company representing the developer of The Crest. The current owner is Valor Development.

  • If you posted negatively without lauding a single positive change from what has been a vacant dump you should quickly sign up for a course on positive thinking because you need it. You are complaining about trim railings? Please post a photo of any art or renovation project with a budget over $10,000? Until then you should have the sense not to bitch at someone else’s beautification project in my book. Reminds me of when people complain in a museum that they could have made this. Well please do so. We all love beautification. Few get around to doing anything, though, other than complaining at what others “could” have done.

    • I posted earlier that the original balustrade should not be replaced with a chintzy metal railing. Sorry that my negativity harshed your buzz, Senor Sunshine. Overall, the renovation SKETCH looks great; let’s see how the reality turns out, as often the reality doesn’t live up to the drawings. Why must one throw out the baby (original detailing) with the bathwater when doing extensive renovations? I know that they can’t always be saved, but a lot of times they can, if only the contractor isn’t too cheap to do so.
      Happiness and flowers! Puppies and kittens! Everything and everyone is a special snowflake with value!

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