Taylor Gourmet Expanding to Bethesda


Here’s the word via email:

“Earlier this week we signed a lease 7820 Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda, MD. We have our plans completed and are about to be submitted for approval. Our tentative date for opening is somewhere in mid July. At the new location we plan on keeping the same look as our other two locations with a few new twists to our industrial/rustic look.”

They currently have 2 locations at 1116 H Street NE and 485 K Street NW. I wish them much success so they can open up another spot in Shaw/U Street/Mt. Pleasant/Columbia Heights and/or Petworth…


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  • I’ll say it. The Taylor dudes kinda sold out. They open their flagship on Hstreet restoring an old building in a neighborhood with few amenities, reviving a great historic street. And then instead of doing the same in other communities such as maybe mount pleasant or petworth. They located their second store in a lux new construction condo building. And now their third in BETHESDA! I have no doubt the Building developers are giving them sweetheart deals on rent to raise the profile of their buildings. But I would have preferred they continued bringing tasty sandwiches to neighborhoods lacking in investment and in dire need of better eats. Which Bethesda is not.

    • Nowhere in your ridiculous screed did you mention how on earth they would make any money opening in Mount Pleasant or Petworth. They’re not a charity, here to spur investment in neighborhoods out of the goodness of their hearts. The goal for them is to make money, which simply isn’t possible for them in Mount Pleasant and Petworth for numerous reasons.

      But I guess there will be one less person in line at their existing places, so good for the rest of us.

      • “Nowhere in your ridiculous screed did you mention how on earth they would make any money opening in Mount Pleasant or Petworth.”

        by selling sandwiches to people.

    • Sold out?


      you get down with that punk rock!

      sold out. jeez. people still say that?


      damn people be hatin when someone else gets finds success.

  • As cool as it is to be hip and trendy, you still have to make money anon. So while there may be more desirable places in your eyes, putting all your eggs in the communities that “lack investment” is not a sound business decision. Leveraging the K Street and Bethesda locations may allow them to expand further into the riskier neighborhoods, but there is very little lunchtime demand during the week in Mt. Pleasant or Petworth, because most of us are downtown working.

  • My office is a two minute walk from that building. I am psyched, although I might have to join that equinox to work off all the Salami

  • One more step in Philadelphia’s culinary colonization of the Greater DC area- WE RULE YOU!!!!!!!!

  • More power to ’em. This is an example of the entrepreneurial spirit that will lead us out of recession.

  • I hate to say it, but my experience with Taylor has been going steadily downhill. The sandwiches are still good, for the most part, but they seem to have regular trouble stocking basic items (I called at 8:30 tonight and they were out of bread, for example). I have run into any number of items out of stock around peak eating hours – arancini, chicken cutlets etc. I want to like this business, but expansion seems to have taxed their ability to manage their restaurants.

  • I wish Taylor all the luck in the world. However, since they’ll probably read this, I have a few helpful suggestions-

    1. Can we please get some condiments? Even though you might not like them, 99% of Americans put mustard or mayo on their subs. Would it be so hard to offer them?

    2. The large size is too big, but the small is too small. Every time I eat here I leave starving because I get the smaller size.

    3. Can you add baked chips? All the chips you have are too greasy.

    4. Would it kill you guys to offer some softer bread options? The normal bread is often rock solid. I know you guys are so proud of it, but can’t you also offer something for people who don’t like eating bricks?

    Other than that, keep up the relatively good work.

    • So you’re saying you want a Subway or a Quiznos?….

      If you don’t like the product, go somewhere else. The guys are doing a great job bringing a great product to these areas. Quit bitching.

      • +1.

        clearly, taylor is not the place for you. would you tell ray’s hellburger to offer a turkey or veggie burger? or maybe ask distrito federal to get some hard taco shells and monterey jack shredded cheese?

      • How about bread that doesn’t cut the top of your mouth while you are chewing it? Also, better dessert options.

  • What about a Taylor Gourmet on Taylor St? Perhaps next to Yes?

  • I rather see a Wawa in Columbia Heights

  • are either one of the two existing locations a deli or are they both sandwiches only?

  • I have been to the one on 5th and K twice and have had horrible food/experiences.

  • I second the Taylor Gourmet request for Taylor St. NW. Makes sense right? Plus they are putting a Subway sandwich shop down in the new stuff on top of the metro. blech. So there must be a demand for some sammy’s in petworth during the middle of the day. Folks are gettin’ sick of Wendys!

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