Targeted Triple Shooting 3:30am at 14th and Fairmont Streets, NW

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From MPD:

“At approximately 3:30 am a shooting occurred in the area of 14th and Fairmont St, NW.

As a result there were 3 victims none with life threatening injuries. The 3 victims were the intended targets.

Anyone with information pls contact MPD on 202-727-9099 or you can provide information to the anonymous tip line on 1-888-919-CRIME or text to 50411.”

In August ’08 14th and Fairmont was the scene of a multiple shooting. You can read a detailed eyewitness account of that terrible day here.

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  • hello summer!

  • Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, this marks the dawning of Spring.

  • how did i miss this news item i live a block from there. whats it gonna take to demolish the section 8 housing on that corner. ALL the problems in that area orginate (or end up) at that location. Please vote CM Graham out of office. He is single handedly repsonsible for encouraging the concentration of public housing on 14th street.

    • Are you kidding? Are you kidding. CM Graham was voted into office in 1998. Scatter site housing was established in the late 1960s. Public housing was built in the 1970s. Both in the wake of white flight to the suburbs from the neighborhood after the race riots of 1968. CM Graham is single-handedly responsible for a lot of things. Concentrating public housing along 14th Street is not one of them.

      What kind of comment is that? What is your agenda?

  • I didn’t realize Graham was a council member, or that D.C. even had a council, when those places were built.

    He’s looking good for his age, then.

    “Single handedly responsible?” Settle down, AO.

  • I live at Fairmont and University and heard 5 rapid shots at 1:30 in the morning. The shots sounded *very* close, like they were right outside my window (how sick is it that I can compare these to the 3 other times I’ve heard gunfire from my house since August? I can definitely say these sounded the closest).

    Called 911 and the police showed up, I’m not sure if the 2 events are related.

    Question for PoP or others: where is the best place to get more information about this sort of thing? I always check the MPD web site, WaPo, and this blog when I see police activity. This is by far the most comprehensive resource, but sometimes I want more information, and I usually can’t seem to find it. Thoughts?

    • Each of the 7 MPD districts has a yahoo group – they’re probably your best bet at getting info. Just don’t be an idiot like some folks lately who have been posting stuff to the listserv when they should be calling 911. Questions like “I called in shots-fired last night on my block but didn’t see anything on the news” are pretty common and usually quickly answered by officers or officials. Anyway, 3rd District listserv:

      all the other districts are the same, just change the number 3 to whatever district you’re in. Check MPD’s web page if you don’t know what district you live in.

  • cheights: its hard honestly. You can join your local MPD district listserv and try to get info directly from them, but there is much they cannot say and honestly often they don’t know much. If an arrest results there will generally be a press release on it, but virtually no info between event and arrest is released. These events are somewhat the norm in DC, so they’re not commented on much. Even murders of children (15 year old Joel Watkins most recently, 14 year old Arthur Daniels last year, etc etc etc.) get barely 2-3 stories in the WashPost, which is ‘big time’ news. You can review the local TV news website as well, who are good at chasing such stories, but coverage is spotty. WTOP may have some info as well.

    You’ll of course never see a District government agency releasing much info on this stuff, now will you see a councilmember move to do anything on local crime, for various business and political reasons. In short: move along, nothing to see here, its not a big deal. Just boys being boys. Stop snitching. Etc.

  • This is NOT cool. There is a charter preschool and a public park one block north of that intersection. You can see the Target from there. WTF is wrong with people?

  • If I remember correctly, the shots occurred at 3:06 AM and the first *audible* siren response was at 3:22 AM. I live right on that corner and, unfortunately, was awake for the whole mess (yes, placed call, etc.).

    • I live on the corner of 14th & Fairmont. Shooting happened just after 3 in the morning. Looked out the window and saw people running in different directions. 3 police cars came down Fairmont from the direction of 13th St. and were there in about a minute, minute and half after the shots were fired. At least one of them took off down Fairmont and the others stayed to secure the area. By then, more police cars had arrived and 14th St. was shut down. I’m not sure where you are getting 3:22 from. By 3:22, police were well into their crime scene investigation.

  • just to clarify CM Graham did in fact work to broker the Faircliffs deal which is all section 8. he also personally got involved with the Cavalier (North Col heights) to ensure that the same slumlord owner of Faircliffs east was able to also turn all 250 units of that into section 8 as well. CM Graham has also not done anything to secure funding for a mixed income project in the Columbia Village location. he is huge proponet of ensuring the renewal of section 8 projects for 20 years at a time thus now allowing any turn around. Public Housing from the 50s and 60s is a massive failed public policy that CM Graham is doing little to remedy.

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