Taking Dog Crap Very Seriously in Mt. Pleasant


I think I’ve seen more signs like this in Mt. Pleasant than in any other neighborhood. Do you think it is because it is a bigger problem in Mt. Pleasant or because some Mt. P residents are more vocal?


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  • Outstanding.

  • It’s huge friggin problem in my front yard over in Ft Totten. I live next to a big ass park and these looses let thier dog crap in my flower bed! Needs to get me one of those cameras!

  • That’s funny as hell – I’m sure the fine for installing/wiring a camera to a municipal utility pole is bigger than not scooping dog poo. I’d also like to know the last time MPD issued a ticket for not scooping dog poop – i’m guessing the answer would be never. Does this person think MPD will investigate this ‘failure to scoop’ based on surveillance camera footage? I mean yea – be a decent neighbor and scoop your poop, but whoever posted this sign and camera clearly need to see a shrink.

  • This is right on. I have a dog but completely agree with this person. As a dog walker I have even more chance of stepping in the irresponsible other people

  • This is absolutely comical but I have to say I sort of agree

    • ah


      I’m not so sure that’s not just a metal box with a hole cut in it and some spare wire wrapped around it.

  • Can we get a link to the actual video?

  • A. this note is awesome and needs to be sent to passiveaggressivenotes.com

    B. as mentioned above and in numerous other posts, dog crap is a huge problem.

    i, for one, religiously clean up after my dog no matter what. sometimes i am tempted to say something to owners who look as though they have no intention of picking up their dog’s crap, but i am usually in my car and haven’t caught anyone in the act.

  • My Mount Pleasant neighbors can be such douches sometimes – hilarious.

  • when i first moved here from oklahoma to 13th and mass, i didn’t think twice about letting my dog poop wherever and just leaving it there. in oklahoma, nobody picked up the poop, at least where i was. one day a tenant of my building clued me in that this was unacceptable. i was ticked off at first at her nerve, but of course came around. now i can’t believe i just left my dog’s crap in the dirt patches along mass ave! it only lasted a couple months i think. anyway, yeah, it’s nasty and should be discouraged, even if it means posting signs like this. also, during the feb. blizzards, there was poop absolutely everywhere. talk about nasty.

    • That’s a good point- some people are legitimately unaware. I bring those blue biodegradable bags with me everywhere, and when I see a dog owner walking away from their dog’s recent poop I smile extra large and offer them one. (I’ve been known to pull my car over to do it, too.)

      • (annnd that’s what she said.)

      • That’s such an obvious but nice way of saying, “Hey, please pick up your doggie poo okay?” I was just confronted by my neighbor today and he made me feel like I was a horrible person. Granted he has a right to be upset and we should’ve been picking up the poo the whole time, there’s a way to go about things. And just a small tip for all those angry dog poo people, if you simply ask the owner nicely, I’m sure that will be just as effective as your mean signs and letters and outburts of fustrations. That’s all. Have a nice day.

    • Same here – I grew up on a farm and poop was never picked up.

      When moved to Mt P with a dog, one of the neighbors (seeing my dog poop with no scoop) said “you know, you’re supposed to pick up your dog’s poop.” No, I didn’t know and was glad she told me.

      Now I bring an extra bag to offer some I see not scooping – sometimes it even works!

  • Imagine how frustrated this resident must feel at not being able to stop this repeated offense outside the door of his or her home.

    We all need to be good Mount Pleasant neighbors to attract the same.

    Imagine investing your time, your life savings and sacrifice in restoring that wonderful Mount Pleasant house on the corner of Monroe and 18th Streets featured in the earlier 1 PM PoP post here, and then having your Mount Pleasant neighbors welcome you by using the long perimeter of your restored corner house as a toilet for their dogs.

    The ones that “clearly need to see a shrink” are the scofflaws -the careless dog owner residents, their enablers and apologists, those like ontarioroader that liberally tolerate this behavior of literally crapping on your neighbors.

  • Anonymous 11:48 is clear and right on.

    Ontarioroader’s pernicious reaction is so tired and typical left urban mindset:

    finding humor in lawlessness “funny as hell”

    resorting to liberal relativism to obscure the subject matter and the rule of law

    and then making out the original victim as just as bad as bad as the offender

    thus validating offending scofflaws

    and enabling incrementally the larger lawlessness and rule of the mob we tolerate in public urban spaces today.

    The left simply cannot govern, and continue to allow our cities and urban life to decend and decay in so many ways with their relativism and lawlessness.

    • Anonymous 2:12’s incoherent rant is so tired and typical of the conservative mindset:

      having no sense of humor

      resorting to sweeping conservative ideological generalizations to politicize the subject matter of a friendly community discussion

      and stringing together sentences with complete disregard for spelling and grammar

      while hiding behind anonymity

      and destroying incrementally the quality and civility of public discourse.

      The right simply cannot communicate intelligently, and continue to allow our public sphere to “decend” and decay in so many ways with their incivility and narrow-mindedness.

    • pssh. You are using big words to sound like you know what you’re talking about. But, alas, in using ‘relativism’ twice, you broke the cardinal rule of not being redundant, redundant.

    • muahaha! The Leftist Marxist Brutalist Scofflawists are gonna burn down the world by being flippant about dog feces! It’s a conspiracy! Keith Olberman made my dog poo on private property! Zang! That’ll teach those balding capitalists!

  • Nothing says “Mt. Pleasant” like spending hundreds or thousands of dollars (assuming the camera is real), and countless hours of effort, to catch someone guilty of not picking up dog poo.

    I’m not defending dog-poop scofflaws… but isn’t this pretty silly? There will always be people who litter and don’t pick up dog poop. Always. You can give yourself a coronary being upset about it, or you can just take about two minutes a couple times a week to pick it up and forget about it. If it’s really something you just can’t handle, then put a low fence around your treebox or plant something dogs won’t walk in.

    This is so typical Mt. Pleasant. Freak out about every little foible of city living. Too bad that same effort and money didn’t go to helping an at-risk kid or volunteering for, well, anything.

  • Sounds like Mt.Pleasant residents are either very lax in the considerate-pet-owner department, or are a bunch of paranoid insects with laser printers and too much time on their hands, or perhaps an aromatic mixture of both? An effervescent potpourri of rudeness and rage? mmmm…. fresh….

    Seriously. My area of Park View/Pleasant Plains may not be a colossal love-in either, but I almost never see this poo problem. And I’m walking my dog regularly. No surging tides of feces, no brown-water rapids of excrement crashing into our houses and threatening the levees… it’s all pretty groovy over my way. Dogs are awesome. Life is good. Mellow out, have some of this… it’ll help you relax……

    • Exactly how I feel. I can’t believe Mt.P is worse than where I live, and it’s only a minor problem. It seems pretty clear that someone’s just made this their “pet” issue, ha ha…

      Even if you could actually succeed in identifying the guy and holding him legally accountable (like DC would actually look at your video footage, identify the perp somehow, and issue him a $50 ticket! uh huh…), you’d probably just start a vendetta.

      Just take a valium and pick up the poop, or make it harder for the dog to crap in your yard. Even if you could make one guy stop, someone else will just take his place eventually.

    • I dunno about other parts of Mount Pleasant, but right by where I live, there is a middle aged black woman with three little dogs. And she never picks up after her pooches. She’s very lazy. Instead of walking her dogs, I think she stands at her door way, lets the dogs out (offleash), then she watches them poop or pee, and then she yells at them to come back in.

      Mind you, she appears able bodied.

      On the one hand, most of the poop and pee is not very far from her house, but come on. people still have to walk past your house.

      It was doubly disgusting during the snowstorms as there were massive amounts of poop on the very narrow shoveled sidewalk.

  • Having lived in Paris, the dog poo ‘issue’ in Mt. Pleasant is a joke (granted, Paris has municipal street cleaners with high-pressure hoses that wash down the sidewalks every day…). I would say there are probably only one or two negligent dog owners in Mt. Pleasant, at most.
    I would happily trade our hood’s excess dog droppings for the stray cats that roam around Park View/Pleasant Plains.

  • I’m gonna take a crap right in front of that camera!

  • Are the poop police going to launch an investigation? You have a video? So what? Do you think the police care?

    This reminds me a lot of the signs on 5 Guys saying that you cannot take peanuts outside of the restaurant. If you do the 5 Guy police will come and put you in 5 Guy jail.

  • Um, that’s definitely NOT a camera. It’s most likely a junction box belonging to Comcast.

  • I wish the police did give out $500 fines for not picking up your dogs poop.

  • Note that even providing a video to the MPD will not allow them to issue any citation. Under DC law only DC official video tape is evidence, all private videos can only be “informative” for misdemeanor offenses. For felonies, federal rules are invoked where private videos are allowed. Also, since not picking up poo is a misdemeanor (as it should be), the standard response in DC is for the culprit to claim they do not have an ID, and MPD has no authority to compel them produce ID, thus these rules (and almost all misdemeanor laws) are not enforced.

    If your curious how it works elsewhere (VA, MD, most of the rest of the country), misdemeanor violations of any sort result in an ID check, compulsory, which might lead to further arrests in some cases. Also they at least issue fines and thus manage to greatly reduce poo in streets and other such perks.

    • Umm, you think that “not picking up your dog poop” is a misdemeanor in DC? Misdemeanors include driving 30 MPH over the speed limit, and some kinds of assault, smoking pot, and shoplifting.

      Dog poop is a civil offense like a parking ticket. There is no chance in hell that you’d get more than a chuckle from anyone at MPD when you presented them with your CSI report on someone “dog pooping.”

      • Right, sorry, civil offenses are not misdemeanors but my point is the same: MPD cannot do anything on this, and the offender simply stating they have no ID would be enough to quash the issue. Replace ‘broken window theory’ with ‘rampant poop theory’.

      • Jamie, you’d get a response from the ANC and Jim Graham. Are you saying you wouldn’t?

        • Sure he’d get a response – lip service like 99% of all responses from Graham. And ANC’s? Come on – they’re a joke. All they do is hold up liquor licenses and other neighborhood busy body [email protected]

  • How about this. Dog crap is a health and environmental hazard. Cumlatively it impacts the water quality of the primary, secondary and tertiary streams that receive it. Specifically the dog poo contributes to nutrient loading and pathogenic bacteria loades (Salmonella, E. coli, etc).

    Four legged, mobile point sources.

    • How about you kill yourself since you have the same effect on the environment?

      Can anyone tell me exactly how many kids died of or were treated for worms this year?

      Can anyone tell me what percentage of the bay is polluted by unpicked up dog crap vs. fertilizer, automobile pollutants, coal electricity by-products, plastic bag disposal, plastic bottle disposal, military pollutants disposal, leaking gas station tanks….

      If anyone wants to argue that it’s disgusting, I’ll agree with them. However, if you want to try to wade into the scientific implications of dog poo on public health and society, you’re going to lose the argument.

      • why? you did a perfectly lousy job of expressing your argument. Fail.

      • Relativism obscuring the offense and justifying the offender again by Ragged Dog.

        Who’s on the side of the offended ?

        Who’s on the side of the rule of law besides those of who see more the frustration of the offended than any humor in this ?

        Why not argue for an orderly, cleaner neighborhood that might attract resourceful, pioneering new residents that could buy and restore the big old house on Monroe and 18th Street in yesterday’s PoP’s post ?

        Why not be as constructive with our actions and support others who actually do something to combat this as we are with our comments here ?

  • They are not fit to live among us!!!

  • http://www.epa.gov/nps/nps_edu/stopx3.html

    Source data on bacteria sources for Four Mile Run in Virginia.

  • This is absolutely hilarious. I adore the fact that they used a sheet protector and TYPED the note, as well as took the time to string up a fake video camera. Who has the time?

    That being said, I pick up after my dog, but come onnnnnnnnnnn.

  • The dog owners in my Columbia Heights neighborhood got so blatant with their dog poo in my front yard that I had to pay for a wrought iron fence. I’d be washing dishes in my kitchen and see dog walkers encourage their dogs to use my front lawn. I’d knock on the window or open the door and tell them to get their dogs off my grass! They all act like they didn’t see the problem. I’m a dog lover but I don’t appreciate mowing the grass while maneuvering around someone else’s dog poo.

    My next door neighbor has had a running battle with a young woman who has two dogs. She allows them to poo on my neighbor’s fence and the little grassy area outside of her fence. They go at it every summer. One day one of them is going to hurt the other –

  • Everyone needs to relax. It’s dog sh*t for God’s sake. Stop giving it so much thought. Get on with your lives and go worry about something that is worth worrying about. I can’t believe people blog about this worthless subject. Dog sh*t is the last thing on my mind when it comes to societies problems. Just ask the owner to pick it up because you don’t want to step in it. THE END. Now find something else to rant and rave about. I should have both my dogs leave a HOT, steaming pile of dog poo on all of your front porches. If I told you there was a million dollars in each pile how would you feel then? I bet every single one of you would dig through it just to get the money…you know what, that’ll be my new project.

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