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  • ah

    I got me a car, it’s as big as a whale.

  • ahoy, Cap’n!

  • diggin’ the scene with a gangsta lean woo-hoo

  • That thing rocks. If you can find enough gas stations between here and Delaware, it would be a great summertime ride to the beach.

  • Beautiful car, but the guy must end up driving around the block for days to find a parking spot long enough for that thing. You could fit three or four of those little Smart cars in the length of this thing.

  • ugh… I had a land yacht like that for a few years. Great car, and you will become an expert at parallel parking [I later drove trucks in the military and I swear they were easier to park than these types of cars]. Totally impractical, but a lot of fun, and hey – 9 mpg ain’t so bad if you have a 27 gallon tank.

  • Ha! I saw this car cruising around over the weekend – a lovely lady driving it with her dog in the passenger seat. Everyone around looked and smiled.

  • It’s true, parallel parking is something that you only learn through experience. If you end up with a land yacht like this, you will innately learn to park it in spaces that less experienced people think their VW Rabbit won’t fit in.

  • Ooh a Chrysler Newport.
    Seems like a base model, given the plain wheel treatment.

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