Sweet and Sad City Signs both from 9th St, NW


The one above always cracks me up – “vegetarian and meat restaurant”. And the one below saddens me:


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  • You know, if there’s really nothing to steal in your car, stop locking it.

    (You learn that by owning a convertible).

    • I never locked my Jeep hard top but that didn’t stop some jerk from smashing the back window to steal my dash radio (who would even buy that?).

  • You should still lock your car or risk kiddie car theives racing your vehicle around town.

    • That happened to me a few years ago, on Bunker Hill Road, NE. The car was locked, but I didn’t have the Club on the steering wheel.

      Nothing was stolen from it (there was nothing in it to steal.) but I had to pay a $250 deductible for repairs when it was recovered.

  • When I lived in Cleveland, my apartment was broken into twice, exactly a month apart.
    Totally ransacked it the first time, but didn’t take anything of value.
    Even though I had a computer, iPods, cameras, snowboard, DVD player, etc.
    Second time, they broke in the front door, and only opened a couple of closets & threw a shoebox on my bed (this time was worse because it made no sense and since the front door was wide open, the dogs got outside and were running around confused).

    Point: I also put signs up in my apartment windows. They were a little more threatening though.

  • i once bought a car from a girl that lived on 16th and u. she had her windows broken so many times that she decided to keep the car unlocked. she put a sign in the window saying “Doors are unlocked”, and people still broke the windows. so she sold it to me because of the hassle.

  • Someone’s gonna break into the car to steal that sign.

  • You shouldn’t assume that the perp can read!

  • Isnt this the joke where the perp leaves a note in the car saying, “Just Checking.”

  • Have never been broken into since I started keeping live snakes in my car.

  • A friend told me once to put broken bottles under my seats, so when they reach under there they get all cut up. I never did it (haven’t had car broken into since I moved uptown) but there you have it.

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