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  • The owners of Big Bear live there.

  • I find it hilarious that the owners of a coffee shop have a Jack Russell, the breed that is permanently running on ten shots of espresso.

  • I applaud Kate’s stoopin’ In our house it is referred to front porch sitting, but I may have to change it to stoopin’

    Our neighborhood isn’t the best, but we sit out regularly and find it quite enjoyable to meet our neighbors and more importantly, let the less desireable elements realize they can’t just run wild without someone noticing and notifying the authorities.

  • Now I’m a total coffee freak but evidently don’t know shite for espresso; at first thought that thing looked like some kind of copper speed camera.

  • Me too. I was like surveillance for stoopers?

  • why does it have to be called “stooping”? can’t you just say you like hanging out on your front or back stoop? or just hangin on the stoop? sitting on the stoop? only in DC do these folks come up with little cutesy names for things people have done for literally, probably hundreds of years or as long as steps into homes existed…jesus christ. “Stooping” sounds cheesy/corny/dorky/all of the above, just say no folks, just say no…

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