Sign of the Whale Re-Opening March 10th


Sign of the Whale is located at 1825 M Street, NW. I’m not sure if they’re trying to keep up with the recent upgrade of former neighbor the Madhatter but I couldn’t really tell what was different. Perhaps just the logo is changing? When I peeked inside on Sunday the place was too crowded to bother a bartender. I guess they still have 10 days to make some changes… Anyone know the scoop here?


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  • I was told that they were bought out by the owners of McFadden’s. The main change will be the management. I believe most of the bartenders and decore will be the same.

    • I actually heard they were getting rid of a lot of the bartenders. They are also going to open up the upstairs bar, which I’ve never seen open.

  • Madhatter’s and the Whale were great bars because they were down and dirty and real. In cleaning up these places (or moving) they’re going to end up wiping off what was good about them in the first place.

    It’s killing me that I can’t remember his name – Does anybody remember the name of the Whale bartender who always wore that vest and was always wasted on coming into work? I loved that guy. Motley!

    • What exactly quantifies “real” other than a physical presence in the material world (which I assume the new locations will still do).

  • I wonder if they are still going to have the great make your own Bloody Mary deal for Sunday brunch.

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