Rowhouse Fire Wed. Night on 700 block of Fairmont Street, NW


From a reader:

“The photo was taken at the corner of Sherman and Fairmont. The fire was out and most firefighters were packing up and leaving when I got there at around 720 pm.”

In case anyone was wondering what all the sirens were at that time. Glad to hear that the fire was put out quickly.

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  • Fairmont is too far south to be in Park View. Looks like its on the Pleasant Plains/Columbia Heights Border.

  • Would it be out of like to approach the home owner and ask him or her to sell me their property at a fire sale price. I just cant seem to find a decent property within my price range of 350k,

  • Definitely Pleasant Plains and not Park View. The 700 block of Fairmont was a great street to live on until the liquor store opened up. I really miss the grocery store that was there before.

  • It was my next-door neighbor’s house. Fire started in the laundry area and the gas ignited. Fire department broke in my backdoor and left my upstairs window open. Came home (a bit drunk) to my dog on the roof, barking. Was a bit pissed that they didn’t secure my house or at least leave a cop on the street (which is standard procedure).

  • Never have a fire on Wednesday in Winter. I actually watched the trucks on the way to this fire delayed for at least a minute on Irving St. because many people don’t know that street cleaning is suspended for winter, so there are cars parked on both sides and no one can pull over. One minute is a long time in a fire.

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