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bench in the water
Photo by PoPville flickr user schmiddi (note the bench is actually in the water…)

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rant: I hate spring! It is cold, wet, humid and full of allergies.

    Rave: 4 day work week. Counting it down…

  • Rave: Been on two rather promising dates with a new girl in the last week. Really looking forward to this weekend and spending some time with her outside where we’re not dodging the rain.

    Double Rave: My Captcha is “National vodka.” Subsidies for potato farmers, perhaps?

  • Rave: Happy that the Hoosier state is represented in the Final Four by Butler.
    Rant: Sorry that IU doesn’t even make the tournament any more. Sad…

  • Revel: It’s my birthday.

    Rant: I’m on the far side of 40.

  • Rave: We have a Jennifer Aniston look alike in Petworth! Saw her on metro this morning. Very cool!

  • rave – rant – repeat

    It’s getting to be sandal season! But I have the worst feet – long and skinny and blistery from the slightest touch, needing no heel and orthotics. Just arrived Zappos order and 2 out of 3 actually might work! But they are ugly, ugly, ugly old-lady looking. I fear I will be banished from every sidewalk cafe in the city – maybe even my own front stoop.

  • Rant: I went to lunch in Southwest and the woman in front of me in line treated everyone behind the counter like crap, demanded that she have the best of everything and kept rejecting what she was being given. When the manager interceded on the part of his staff she and her friends accused them of racism and left the restaurant. It was truly unnerving, full of “oh no you didn’t” and “Did you see that? Did you hear that?” I felt bad for every black person in that room, some of whom were getting really uncomfortable. It is becoming so hard to address issues of retail racism in DC. I mean, that woman and to a lesser extent her two friends were entirely at fault.

    • Just laugh and pity them, not sure there’s much else you can do. Its when talk of violence starts that you need to perk up.

      • same thing happened this morning. was buying an egg sandwich and one of the women came into the deli and starting pitching a fit over the quality of her sausage. I’d like to see that whole group banned.

  • Rant: Kept waking up last night because my stomach hurt, so now not does my stomach STILL hurt but I’m tired, too! Making it hard to get anything accomplished.

    Rave: All bosses/higher-ups are GONE for the week! Jeans every day! And it’s a four-day work week!

  • Rant: The census questions about race. Talk about institionalizing racism, please now. Am I really white? No, my skin is more yellow, brown, and red. So, what am I? Anglo-saxon? Euro-caucasian? or the PC Euro-American.



  • Rant: bad hangover today

    Rave: Got a date later this week!

  • Rant: I’m weird, but every person under 30 in Columbia Heights walking around constantly with the headphones in just rubs me the wrong way. I think this is just alienating, removes you from reality, makes you seem uninterested in the world around you. And on the bus it’s actually a legit complaint because you have to literally shake someone to get them to move when someone needs to get off the bus. When an “Excuse me” is useless, that’s got to be an etiquette breakdown, especially on a crowded bus where that kind of communication has to happen.

    Rave: opening day and the XOXO cleaners thing that lets you pick up your dry cleaning through the futuristic card scan.

    • Yes, but walking around wearing headphones gives me a way to ignore the 3-4 people per block who ask me for money, or How I’m doin’, or if I have a cigarette. If I can’t hear them, they can’t be offended when I don’t respond.

      Also, I am amused by someone posting as “anonymous” on a community forum complaining about alienating behavior. We all have our pet peeves.

    • I don’t like most people and therefore I have no reason to speak to them. Sorry if it’s cold, but at least it is true.

  • Rant: looks like I’m getting vetoed on the solar installation. We need a new kitchen before we need solar. Damn.

    Rave: Sunny weather to come in 2 days….going to take a vacation from the house.

  • Rave: Tried being neighborly & hanging out with the neighbors this weekend for a change, glad I did! Not used to giving up my urban anonymity. Now to get the block party idea rolling.

    Rave: the bulbs I planted last fall are up and they look great! The squirrels didn’t get them all. Still waiting on the creeping phlox, any day now…

    Rant: DC schools and their sucky test scores, sucky lack of diversity and sucky out-of-boundary wait lists.

    • Rant: DC schools and their sucky test scores, sucky lack of diversity and sucky out-of-boundary wait lists.

      Young professional couples in Petworth, Col. Heights etc. will not send kids to neighborhood schools because of test scores thus there is no diversity although many neighborhoods have become more diverse in recent years. Good private schools are expensive and even if you can pay, you are not guaranteed a spot. The out of boundary wait lists are growing not shrinking and forget about pre-k or kindergarten out of boundary. A decent rowhouse in boundary (Ward 3 zip 20015 Lafayette & zip 20016 Janney / Murch) likely 600k minimum. Some parents try charter schools (Capital City has long wait list) Some parents form their own schools (Two Rivers) but that is not an option for everybody. Will DC hit a point where young professionals move in but all leave to start families and never really put down roots? If that is the case DC has maxed out for the short term.

      • Yes, that’s generally the trend already for 20 years at least. If you can afford private schools you can stay here, otherwise you need to head to MD or VA for schooling once your kids approach middle school years. Kids in DCPS high schools outside the rich Wards don’t really have a choice. Charter schools offered some hope for respite from this trend, but vouchers for those have largely been killed it seems at the request of the unions. The best hope for turnaround in DCPS as a whole was Fenty and Rhee, and thanks to Fenty’s ham hands and Rhee’s unpopular race you see how that’s going.

        • Joe and Briefly: Yup. It is really too bad.

          • What’s too bad is there IS a solution. The unmarried professionals who are moving in are youngish, college educated, energetic ‘save the world types.’ They are a huge untapped resource if properly motivated, focused and utilized could help fill a void in the schools.

          • Joe, that isn’t true at ALL!

            I was part of a group of 12 parents who completely revitalized a Ward 1 PTA and I will tell you this- we were fought every step of the way by the teachers. I once had a parent challenge me to a fight because I was trying to raise money for the PTA and she thought we should give her the money! Not one single person stepped up in my defense as I was being shoved and challenged!

            and the teachers! oh god! They hate white people. I said it. Just deal with it.

            11 of the 12 families left the school after one year.

            the anti-white teachers need to be fired. That’s all there is to it, really.

            I know it’s so likely if you don’t know me and don’t know the teachers to think that I’m some weirdo crank. I promise you that 11 families who were part of our experiment left that school at the end of the year. Multiple teachers were fired over what we uncovered and the principal “resigned.”

  • Rant: I was just re-reading the 4/26/09 post about the police shooting on Kenyon St (my block) and wishing there had been some resolution by now. But a google search doesn’t reveal if an internal investigation (if any) of the police involved had resulted in any punishment/vindication. Judging from some of the comments that claimed to witness the deceased without a weapon, you’d hope some sort of internal/external investigation had taken place.

  • Rant / Rave – (depending on perspective)

    D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray on Tuesday will file paperwork in order to run for mayor, NBC4’s Tom Sherwood confirmed.

  • Need urgent care clinic – any advice? I have a visitor with an eye infection – don’t want or need 5 hour ER visit – the 2 walk in urgent care clinics I know (Farragut West and Dupont) about close at 5 p.m. Any suggestions welcome.

  • Minor rant – people who glue themselves to a pole at the front of the bus and will NOT move back even if there are people trying to get on, and plenty of room in the back.

    Another minor rant – Isn’t it yoga etiquette not to walk on other people’s yoga mat? I bring my own yoga mat, please don’t step all over it.

    [one of the teachers at the WSC/Columbia Heights said a member got ringworm from the exercise mats, apparently that’s not uncommon:
    http://www.nytimes.com/2006/07/27/fashion/27Fitness.html ]

  • Cool about the ringworm! I’m always looking for a new excuse not to do any damn yoga.

  • me

    Rave: I got married downtown on Saturday. 🙂

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