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National Cathedral Sunset
Photo by PoPville flickr user antisocialtory

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

I’ll kick it off this week: Thanks to all who voted PoP for best local blog/blogger in the City Paper’s 2010 ‘Best of’ edition. PoP was voted a runner up (3rd place).

And my second rave – this photograph by antisocialtory is amazing!

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  • Street cleaning.
    Although it was announced here that it was to begin on March 22.

      • I wasn’t blaming YOU.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Hahaha, I know. I just wanted to share the press release with folks. What neighborhood are you in where they didn’t start yet?

          • I live in the 3600 block of 13th St. NW.
            BTW there is a big old farmhouse on the corner of 13th and Otis (3600 13th St. NW) that I think you may have profiled in your real estate sect. Started out at 1M+ then dropped to under a million. Anyway, sign now says under contract.
            Just wondering if info comes your way again maybe you could post.

  • Rave: Good news on the Ellwoods front!

  • that is one fantastic photo. wow.

  • Rave: Cooking our fabulous chicken tikka masala for friends tonight. Good times, good wine!

    Rant: all this rain has wreaked my schedule for planting the garden…

    Ditto on that beautiful photo!

  • in breaking news, i’m having dinner at taylorman’s house tonight.

  • Rant: Being awoken at 2am by DC Police and Washington Gas to be alerted to a big gas leak on Buchanan St, NE. They came back an hour later to turn my gas meter off. Cold showers suck.

  • Rant: Absolutely no police presence the night following the shooting at Ontario and Kalorama NW (Tuesday night?). It’s my understanding that the shooter has not been found.
    Rave: The fantastically cute puppy we’re currently fostering!

  • RANT: McCullough Construction, LLC

    That block on Georgia between Quincy and Randolf? Where their fences (used to) surround an empty property? I’ve had enough with their inability to take care of it.

    During the winter they NEVER ONCE shoveled their walks, forcing people to either walk in the street on Georgia or nearly break their necks getting to the metro b/c of the 8 inches of ice on the sidewalks.

    NOW, the fences have been falling a way for a while, and as of last night and this morning, they’re just laying in the sidewalk, barbed wire and all, covering up the entire walking space.

    I tried to call them once before, but nobody answered the phone.

    Public shaming is in order, PoP.

  • Rant: Nasty weather, no biking for me today, but maybe it will be nicer tomorrow.

    The gig I had Saturday got cancelled.

    Rave: Nothing to do this weekend, and no gig means no drive to Baltimore and no hauling, loading and unloading equipment. And I have gigs the next two Saturdays.

    Captcha: solitary jubilee – is that a description of my upcoming weekend?

  • Rant: Blew a quarter of my back yard landscaping budget on bed bug treatment.

    Rave: No more bed bug bites (hopefully forever).

  • Rant: People who don’t use turn signals.

    Rave: Moving in my new house over the coming three days.

  • Rant – Shrimp in pasta that still has its tail on. There is no polite way to detail a sauced up shrimp in a bowl of pasta. None.

    Rant – When the one floor of the office has a spring “picnic” and they don’t invite the other floors. It’s not like we didn’t see you on the elevator with your fancy macaroni and cheese. 🙁

    Rave – Friend is supposed to be having a great open house tonight.

    • ah

      1) Use your knife to cut off the tail.

      2) Pick it up with your fork, rotate so to insert with tail coming out of your mouth. Bite off tail, while holding it with lips, and remove with fingers from mouth.

      • Etiquette mandates that an item that gets to the mouth in one fashion must come out in the same fashion. So if you bring the shrimp to your mouth with a fork then you must remove the tail with a fork. If you eat something with your hands, then and only then, may you remove it with your hand.

        Cutting the tail off with a knife while in pasta (bowled especially) can be a pain. Besides that, you lose a lot of meat.

        The point really is not how do I resolve the problem. The point is why is there a problem in the first place? The kitchen could resolve this issue so easily.

  • rave: quitting my job of 5 yrs for a fresh start

    rant: working again in the near future

  • Rave.
    Happy Passover.

    • What would you do if I came to your house during the seder and told you my name was Elijah?

      • Give you a glass of wine?

  • Rant: No way does 2Birds1Blog deserve that “Best of” award. I’m a pretty devout blog-reader and I hadn’t even heard of it before! Then I visited the site. The posts are too long, the type is too small, and it’s all me-me-me. Wordy and self-indulgent. I can’t wade through all of that text.

    Maybe it’s the best blog if you’re friends with the authors and care about what’s going on in their lives, but a Best Local Blog to me should be about what’s happening in this town, not what you did last night or what you watched on TV. PoP: you were robbed.

    • AGREE! I think DCist and PoP are def the best local blogs, but they are very different in what they profile. Personally, I’m a PoP fan because I’m not that interested in everything DCist posts (music scene, artists, inside joke comments), but I could see how someone might be more into that kind of info. Never heard of 2birds, plus it’s blocked at my work. It sounds too much like two girls one… YUCK.

      GOOOOO PoP!!!

    • It’s funny enough, but they are just so YOUNG. And they’re both new-ish to the city (and one lives in NVa for crying out loud).

      • She actually grew up in the DC burbs and went to AU and she lives in Dupont now, I think. He went to AU and is moving back to DC (yes, the burbs – Arlington, I believe) soon.

        I don’t know them, and they’re much, much younger than I am, but I think they’re both excellent writers and very, very funny.

        She also got runner up for best scandal b/c she was fired recently when her bosses discovered her blog and threatened to sue her.

        It’s just a very different kind of blog from PoP or DCist. Maybe they should have a couple of different blogger categories next year. (I really think We Love DC is the DC blog that got the short end of this stick though with not even a runner up mention or anything. They really, really deserve it.)

  • Revel: It is Friday and I am off Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week!!!!

    Rant: Some of that time will be spent doing my annual deck and window cleaning.

  • My captcha is “result Masada”. . .

    My parents are coming out to check out my new house – while I’m in the middle of demo.

  • my captcha: “was shrimped”

  • Rave – watching parental units walking around, visiting their spawn for Cherry blossoms – hipsters must yield to tight perms and stretch pants.

    Rant – Lame bloggers who recruit their lame friends to stuff the ballot box.

    Super rant – to the bicycle girl I almost killed yesterday. A one-way bicycle lane on a one way street is one-way for a reason. Parked cars pulling out are looking for cars & bicycles coming from behind them, not from in front, especially when you were blocked by a van. And wear a frigging helmet.

    • Kalorini

      +1 Super rant! It is one-way for everyone with wheels! I bet she gave you a dirty “I’m superior” look, too, even though she was in the wrong.

      • No, sadly she seemed totally oblivious. And I’m not interested in who is negligent, it’s just a bummer to have to hose someone’s brains (small as they might be) off my hood.

  • Contributory Negligence.

    (captcha – corporate footwear)

  • rant: an overnight forecast with subfreezing lows.

    revel: being @ the right place @ the right time & PoP/fellow aPoPstles for making my friday!

  • Rant: Mailed my taxes in 7 weeks ago, still no refund from DC.

  • rants:
    a) I went jogging yesterday, tripped on a broken-up sidewalk, and scraped both knees, both palms, and my shoulder.

    b) My computer died. Really really dead.


    a) I wasn’t more severely hurt, I have health insurance in case I was, and the lady at 311 was nice when I called to suggest someone look at and fix the sidewalk so no one else gets hurt. I’m curious to see if it’ll change.

    b) I got my DC tax refund (they sent it to a very old address, but then it came back to them and they re-mailed it in a hand-written evelope) and promptly used it towards a new laptop!

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