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National Marathon
Photo by PoPville flickr user K’s Clicks

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

Congrats to all who competed in the National Marathon.

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  • rave- took a bike rideabout through dc on sunday
    from this I gathered that ledetroit park has some really nice looking rowhouse front yards.

  • Rant: Piece of shit marathon runners who feel that they are entitled to through their various clothing layers all over my neighborhood while they run, and then not come back and get them. Next year, I think the whole neighborhood should stand next to the course and punch every asshole who drops their clothes, and all other garabge, right in the face. Congragulations, you accoplished a very impressive goal, that does not give you the right to treat my city like a garbage dump, next year stay the fuck home.

    • sorry mean “throw”

    • I was sooo confused until I realized you meant “threw” and not “through”. I will chalk it up to your anger.

      But just the same, the residents here do a good enough job keeping this city filled with garbage – so by all accounts you should be bustin’ heads all day.

    • I think that most people in the race assumed that part of the entry fee was the clean-up involved in the race (like the cups near the water stations). Seriously, it may have been a bit of a hassle, but do you really need to call everyone who ran a piece of shit?

      Rave: beautiful weekend, great run in the half-marathon
      Rant: People in DC who get angry about everything!

    • I hear you, BUT the marathon organizers supposedly had worked with a nonprofit group (CLOTHES-P.I.N.) to collect the discarded clothing and donates it to a local shelter. This year the clothes were to go to CCNV.

      Thus we (yes I ran this weekend) threw our clothes on the ground with the complete understanding that they would be picked up and donated. I suggest you contact the race organizers and complain that it wasn’t done.(www.nationalmarathon.com)

    • Those race organizers actually collect clothes that are dropped and donate them to charity. Not sure if they missed sections of the course near you or what.

      • Answer to the first, yep they’re pieces of shit:

        Answer to the second, if it is in fact true that the clothes, and other garbage, was supposed to be picked up, this would mean the runners were not pieces of shit. Rather it means that the race organizers were incompetent morons who did not do their jobs, there was no cleanup. Of course it is D.C., not doing one’s job is par-for-the-course.

    • Rant: Piece of shit weather gods who felt entitled to put snow all over my neighborhood this winter and then not come back with warm temperatures to melt it. Next year, I think the whole neighborhood should stand in their yards and shake their fists at the sky and curse every snow-dropping asshole weather god, and simultaneously allow all their negativity to spew out. Congratulations, you accomplished a very impressive snowstorm, that does not give you the right to treat my city like the frozen artic, next year stay in Canada.

      Just kidding. Angry dude: you need to chill the eff out. Maybe DC’s new medical marijuana law will help you with whatever your condition is.

  • Healthcare

  • rant: people keep driving by looking for the drug dealers who used to be on our block. I’m taking pictures of your license plates people! I already sent them to MPD.

  • Rave: health care reform!!!!

    Rant #1: Repubs and Tea baggers

    Rant #2: now we have to improve this legislation over the next few years.

  • rave: – that’s one particularly awesome pic – congrats to K’s Clicks

  • Angry person, simply pick up the clothes that piss you off and put them in a goodwill or other donation box.

  • Rave: great weather this weekend, back at Upshur St. park with kiddo
    Rant: Ridiculous graffiti all over said park. Stupid crews with their stupid BS fighting words – you’re so tough you deface the INSIDE of a toddler park jungle gym? Lookout DC!

    • I saw that too! What’s the best thing for taking permanent ink off of molded plastic play area? Little punks writing about “smoking up in public” on the jungle gym. Oh to be 13 again. sigh.

  • Rave: Great weather, spent a lot of time outside, with my dog and with friends. Got my bike out for the first time since last Fall.

    Rant: Three miles into my ride I got a flat.

    Rave: Nice, cute young woman stopped to help me repair it and I got her phone number!

    Rant: I left a voice mail to ask her when she would like to get together and she hasn’t called back. Guess I have to play the waiting game.

    • Aww, PG, you called her entirely too soon. Patience, little grasshopper.

      Wait at least a week and a half and try again. And have a specific event that you want to invite her to.

      • We talked on Saturday (I told her I would call her when I got home to let her know I made it home okay with the patched tube.) We agreed on going to a happy hour close to both of us one night this week. I told her I would call her back when I knew what my schedule was like. That’s why I called her back yesterday. If I don’t hear from her in a few days I’ll try calling one more time.

    • girls don’t like voicemails that result in “call me back”. they’d prefer you keep the ball in your court.

      help me out ladies am I wrong here?

      • Keeping the ball in your court means you’re not playing much ball. Ladies know how to use the phone well enough and they sometimes get busy and don’t always return all calls immediately. Give her a couple of days, then one more call, only then might you think about going back and looking for broken glass to run over.

  • Rave: My deck on top of my garage is sweet and a fun place to relax and hangout.
    Rant: My neighbors backyard across the alley ( two next to each other) directly behind me have all sort of stuff/trash/rats/kids toys/rats on kids toys/etc… How can one live like that?
    Rave #2: The rest of my neighbors all have clean, well kept backyards.
    Rant#2: The two houses just do not care since all it takes is a weekend worth of work to clean up their mess.

    • ah

      Have you ever tried to get a child to clean up?

      Do you realize how much mess they can make in a tiny amount of time?

      I suspect they’ve just given up until the kids are teens and can be controlled with an allowance

      • Riiiight. Because kids get “suddenly” controllable when they’re teenagers. Ahh, ha ha ha ha!

        • Oh you are taking this way wrong. It is not the kids who are making the mess, in fact I am so sad for the kids that their parents chose to accumulate stuff and trash, there is hardly a spot for any type of activity. Besides, when I say Rats on the toys, I mean one evening last year I counted 8 rats running around their back porch at once. They were climbing on top of the kid’s toys, etc… Disgusting and I would imagine it is unhealthy for the kids who end up touching the toys.

  • Kalorini

    Rave: The weather this weekend!
    Rant: I can’t seem to nail down a ticket to tonight’s Joanna Newsom show.

    Rave: Really excited to go on an Alaskan cruise with a good friend of mine.
    Rant: Why is all the cool travel stuff so expensive?

    • http://www.onlineseats.com/joanna-newsom-tickets/buy.asp

      PS, nothing cool about a cruise. But you’ll figure that out.

      • Kalorini

        That’s pretty rude! I’m going to see whales, damnit! It is going to be awesome.

        Also, that link isn’t really relevant for a DC show.

    • Cool travel stuff doesn’t have to be expensive actually. The Alaskan state ferries do the same inside passage route as the expensive cruise ships and you can get on and off and spend real time in places without 1000 other people. If you’re willing to sleep on deck (can be a bit of a constant party) you save even more. Have fun – bring lots of mosquito repellent.

    • Yay to your Alaska cruise. I haven’t done one myself, but I know several very well-traveled people who said that it was one of the best trips they’d ever taken.

  • Rant: All the trash in Piney Branch, I guess neither DC govt nor its residents had any intentions of actually living up to its trash treaty commitments!


    The Mayor’s Hotline has become extremely undependable of late! DC government staff seem to not even be aware of it.

  • Wrong. If you can’t manage your trash during the marathon, then you shouldn’t be running. Get some aerodynamic fanny pack to put your protein bar wrapper in when you’re done with it.

    • Those damn marathoners ougtht to bring along a rolling suitcase, a cooler on wheels, and a big blue recycling bin. They’re so inconsiderate with their huffing and puffing our air, too!

      Also a spitoon, they should all carry spittoons. This whole marathon 26 mile course needs to be sprayed down with hand sanitizer!

  • RAVE – I am super pleased with my decision to shout a nasty string of slurs at a group of teabaggers at Federal Ctr SW complaining that the metro was taking too long. I am also pleased with my decision to, once the train came, block the nearest train entrances with the assistance of my friend and his brother. Walk home, and don’t use any government funded anything, you idiot hypocrites.

  • rant: Looks like my agency has finally figured out how to block us from using gmail at work. I suspect my level of disgruntled-ness to rise… soon…

    • in IE, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Network -> LAN Settings. then type in “fw1.osis.gov” in the port line, put in “80”

      should take care of gmail blockage, but it will slow down your browser speed.

      • thanks Stacie! unfortunately, I can’t change my LAN Settings b/c I’m not the computer administrator, booooo

  • Rave: Bought a bike over the weekend.

    Rant: What the Hell is a fat guy going to do with a bike?!

    • Ride it and lose weight! I lost 30 pounds through cycling and self-defense training.

    • i’d suggest riding it, may solve the “fat guy” issue.

      unless you can’t ride and then you’ll use it to practice falling.

    • Um, sing “fat guy on a little bike” in your head whenever you ride, duh. And lose some of your fat like I did by riding it all around the town with a 25 pound old dog in the basket.

  • rave: people who sit outside at 8 am screaming at marathon runners they don’t even know, waking residents of the area in the process. not fucking cool.

  • Rant: All my non-DC “friends” on Facebook moaning about the loss of freedom, constitutional rights, etc due to the passage of Health Care Reform yesterday. I told them all to STFU—at least they have voting representation in Congress!

    • When I look at many of my high school friend’s (and some college) FB statuses, there is no way we would be friends (other than on FB) now the way we were friends then.

      • Completely agree. I’ve started “hiding” their status updates from my feed indefinitely so I don’t have to see their bullshit proclamations.

  • No, I had to protect myself from Charlie Brown’s kite eating tree. 🙂

  • Rave: Going to Vegas to see Love next week.

    Rant: Have to get through 4.5 more days with the Spring-fevery, body odorin’ children at work until then.

  • Rave: Friends from France are coming to wedding last minute.

    Rant: Rain, eh.

  • Rave: The weather, the crescent moon, the stars in the sky and the herd of deer I walked through on a trail off of Beach Drive that just stood and stared at me then quietly went back to eating. I wish I had a camera with me.

  • Rave: went to KS on business a few weeks ago, met a cute boy, have been talking to him nonstop since.

    Rant: he lives in KS

    Rave: Hes moving to DC in a few months (when he gets out of the Army) if someone gives him a job! Come on Cap Police give my dude a interview date!

    Rant/Dilemma: This is the first guy I’ve ever wanted to bring home and introduce to the parentals. I have no idea how to even begin to talk to them about him. Despite being in my mid twenties I never talk to my parents about relationship stuff so i feel 12 again. Any thoughts Pop-ites?

    • Don’t try to spring it on them all at once. Start slow, using your post here as a script. You need to remove the opportunity for them to say “Why didn’t you tell us about this??”

  • rant: hippies – I wish my neighbors would move to Takoma Park, they belong their among their kind

  • rave: LOVING springtime weather .. loooking forward to more

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