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Photo by PoPville flickr user hohandy. Looks like the first bloom hit!

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

How are you gonna take advantage of the great weather this weekend?

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  • What happened on Sherman Circle yesterday, around 6pm? I drove past at 6:15, and the west part of the circle was blocked by a good dozen emergency vehicles– lots of cops, a fire engine, and an ambulance. They were loading someone into the ambulance. There was a big crowd watching, including 3-4 people sitting along the curb, but I couldn’t tell if they were under arrest or just taking a load off.

  • Rave – I ran at Banneker track late last night to start getting back in shape.
    Rant – Someone else was there flying around the track so fast my pride was crushed.
    Rave – I was also inspired, thanks “fast guy in the bandana.”

  • Rave: Friday! Watching tourney games all night! 🙂 $2 domestics doesn’t hurt either!

    Rave: Beautiful day! Instead of taking metro this evening I’m going to walk to the bar from work.

    Life is good. 🙂

  • Kalorini

    Rave: Incredible weather! Leaving work early! Went to an awesome concert last night! No big plans this weekend! Really pumped to take my camera out and explore 🙂


    Rant: My brackets are a mess–I always pick the wrong upsets! And, I’m really sore from dancing last night!

  • Rave: Ohio University Bobcats. I hail from a certain Big East school in Ohio with a basketball team that can’t make a free throw to save their collective lives, and therefor is playing in the Not Invited Tournament (meh…go Bearcats, I suppose), so it was nice to see Georgetown fall to a school from Ohio. Misspent many of my college days partying in Athens.

    Rant: Despite rooting for them, I failed to pick the Bobcats or many of the other teams that won yesterday. My bracket too is a mess.

  • houseintherear

    Rave: Gots me a pedicure yesterday.

    Rant: sports talk 24/7.

  • RaveishRantish: My bracket is doing okay… I’m ranked middle of the road (~70 out of 150 people) at work. I was really strict with my picks this year – only upset (besides 8/9 seed games) I had was St. Mary’s over Richmond. Weird. I usually go all out on picking the upsets and lose miserably, so of course this year there are some good ones and I’m missing out! P-I-T-T LET’S GO PITT!

    Rave: WEATHER! Oh this weather just immediately picks my mood right up. It’s amazing how it can do that.

    Rant: Even taking a narcotic cough medicine every night this week (I have a terrible hacking cough that just WON’T GO AWAY), I wasn’t able to fall asleep at a decent hour all week.

    Rave: Getting my tonsils out on April 1st – no more tonsilitis, strept throat, swollen tonsils… YAY!

  • It will be fun to watch them lose by 25 in the second round.

  • Rave: This thing I’ve been hearing about called “the sun” appears to have returned. That means grilling, biking and hanging out with friends this weekend.

    Rant: Time to start mowing the lawn and doing other yard work again.

    Rant&Rave: Cute, young redhead in my office has taken to wearing short skirts and lowcut blouses. Rave for obvious reasons. Rant because she’s waaaay too young for me and I don’t want to do anything inappropriate.

  • good afternoon commentariate, and X mrs rg: i know you are reading this.

    things are better now. it took one day to destroy the life i had. i see now that i went with it.
    someone is putting me back together, i dont question it. or anything else. im just letting things happen now. all the stuff that was important to me then, just isnt at all now. money job title affluence,stock market, paychecks, its all bullshit.

    you can keep the house the car, the monthly cash. All told this is going to cost 800K. i dont care. Im not even angry anymore. She is putting me back together. i dont know what she is building, letting it all happen.

    i miss my kids. i miss being dad.
    I am speakerphone dad now. even that doesnt vicerate me anymore. im starting to sleep and eat again. im going out of the country next week.
    the damage is being undone. i hope you understand that i had to end all communication because i couldnt manage the pain. things are better now. i’ll fix the roof tomorrow as promised. cant wait to see the kids tonight. this new life is very strange.

    rg. speakerphone dad.

    • this is painful to read… i hope you *honestly* start to feel better buddy.

    • Dear God rg – I think I need to buy you a beer.

    • Seriously, no one wants to hear this.

      • I do, especially as a parent myself. If it’s honest (and I think it is), it’s interesting.

        • its honest. i really wish it wasnt but it is. one day you are playing with the kids everynight and putting them to bed. one day you are coming home to an empty, shitty little apartment in the ass end of town. it really fucks you up. i talk to a lot of divorced people now and they all have similar stories.
          some are worse. my husband dragged it out for years, or my wife took the kid and moved 2000 miles away. so in some respects things could be worse.

          • I too had everything, rg. Everything. Now I live in somebody’s basement. My self-imposed exile was mercifully brief, but two years later I am still hurt and broken. I am lucky that I get to see my kids almost whenever I want and things are coming together for me. I might even have a girlfriend. But nothing fills the emptiness or fixes the disconnect. The worst part for me might be that there seems to be no sense to it, no lesson to be learned. So I just keep going. Keep going, rg.

            I hope this is indented enough in the thread so that the people who are pissed off by the sharing will skip it. Please return to your brackets.

          • thanks bdk. you hang in there too. at some point things have to go up, especially when there is no more down.
            lmk beer sometime, im sure you have some good stories.

          • Just wish we could hear from the other party too . . .

          • For the record, Other POV, neither rg nor I claimed in this space to have been wronged or failed. So I hope you’re not assuming anything about men and marriage here, because you know what that’d make you. The Big Truth here is that when there is a broken family with small children, there is pain to go around. And then some.

            And I don’t mind adding that my ex needs your sympathy WAY more than I do.

  • I smelled my first BBQ smells yesterday. That, is indeed worth raving about.

  • Another Rave: I don’t care at all about any college sports, and I’m not a basketball fan, so bracket, schmacket! :-f

  • someone in my office asked me if i have filled in my brackets, and i had a quick panic attack. it was the straight faced HR lady, and as i dont give a flying monekys ass about sports, i thought she was getting ready to take me to task about something that i had over looked. oops!

    nellies tonight, running errands with friends and a birthday party tomorrow, mango mikes on sunday. woot!

  • Rant: Walked in the kitchen and some ants were having a party! After I sprayed and stomped their lives away I looked out the kitchen window and saw termite flies. I need an exterminator now!

    Rant2: Because of the aforementioned I had to scrub the kitchen down for the second time in a week. It’s all my fault for not putting down ant traps.

    Rave: Recovered from the bug apocalypse but sitting on the front porch with a bottle of wine enjoying the breeze. (I hope this doesn’t double post because I got kicked out the first time.)

  • Rave: Headed to Chicago for the weekend.
    Rant: Chicago weather sucks this weekend.
    Rave: Old friends conquer all.

  • Rant: My implant incisions have almost healed, but they are itching like heck.

    Rave: I’m a double D now!

  • Emmaleigh504

    I hate March Madness of all kinds.

  • Rant: Our network has been down for the ENTIRE WEEK with seemingly no near end in sight. No work e-mail, no calendar, can’t even access my desktop. What’s the point of coming to work if I just play solitaire and surf the ‘net all day?

    Rave1: My team won last night! Northern Iowa beat UNLV with an AMAZING three-pointer. Luckily, college b-ball is the only sport I really care about. Oh, and the Caps.
    Rant: We play Kansas next.

    Rave2: WEATHER!!

    Rave3: Going to the circus tonight!

    Rave4: Hung out with one of ‘my’ senior citizens today. I hope I’m that ‘with it’ and still independent when I’m 84.

  • Rave: Awesome sunshine and warmth!

    Rant: Anyone see all the trash in Piney Branch from the recent rains? All the neighborhoods would have looked so much better in this awesome evening sun if they weren’t so filthy! Come on DC govt and residents, time to clean up our act so we can party in pride of our fine city!

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