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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rant: About 10pm, Sat March 13, I saw a gang of drunks (at least 12 or so) leave Acuario located at 3410 11th St., NW, an establishment that has been referenced several times before on POP. What occurred was very disturbing. A fight was about to break out between two ladies (I think one was one of their “waitresses”) and I guess the patrons were all ready to watch. At the same time, another patron was so drunk, he was turning donuts in his car in the middle of 11th St., like it was some empty parking lot, I think trying to get of the ladies in his car! Among all this was a little girl about 7 years old, whom I believe, was the daughter of the waitress. And, the owners of the place were no where in site, part of the “they are not responsible for what happens outside their door” policy. I called the police but a police car drove by 2 seconds later and took care of the trouble but I don’t think anyone was arrested, not even the drunk driver.

    How many times does this have to happen before someone (like this little girl) gets hurt or worse? I know several groups of neighbors have tried to get action from the ANC, the ABC board, etc. but this establishment continues to over serve people beyond the point of excess. Beside constant police calls and reports to ABRA, what else can be done?

  • Not much, its not illegal to be publicly intoxicated in DC unless you are endangering yourself or others. The officer probably didn’t witness the donut driver or something like that. All they can do is ask them to move along, and if the drunks are respectful that’s that. If you moved next to a bar, that’s part of the deal. On the flipside, you can move to an area with nothing but boarded up and burned out storefronts like where I live, you still get drunks but same story.

  • sounds like a good time. I know where I’m headed friday night.

  • RANT: Speaking of that area, saturday night as my wife and I enjoyed our walk from DC9 back to the car, a group of future members of the “Young Punk Thugs of America Association of DC”, aka little Gs, were walking down the street. Must have been about 12 years old or younger. One kid punches the other in the face, acting all tough, all pretending to be violent gangsters, one holding a toy gun and repeatedly shooting me, all cool like. It’s truly amazing how violent children in this city have become. It’s this type of child behavior, so prevalent here, that make me just detest this (what should be glorious but truly is horrible) city. Maybe I should go get my gun and retaliate for being “faked” by a 12-year old! WTF!

  • Revel/Rave – the color in that photo

  • Revel: Spring is springing.
    Rant: So are my allergies!

  • Anyone know what’s up with the two pawnshops on 14th St. (14th and P and 4th and S)? I’ve seen one of them opened once over the course of the last couple of months, but otherwise they seem perpetually closed. Have these decided to close, been shut down, or what?

  • Rant: Raging street party complete with window-shaking thumping bass at 2-freaking-a.m. at the corner of 14th and Spring/Quincy. I know it’s only going to get worse, but the police are already there 3-4x a week when the bar at that corner gets out…ugh.

    Rave: Daffodils blooming!

  • Kalorini

    Rant: Really unproductive weekend, and a drunken/unexplained bruise on my hand. And rain–I’m sick of it.

    Rave: Portugal. the Man concert Thursday!

  • Rant: People who think just because they are anonymous on blogs/postings that they can be disrespectful to others.

  • I saw them too! Do they still have curfew in DC? Is it considered bad form to call the police because a bunch of kids are 1) carrying a fake gun thereby endandering their own stupid lives 2) roaming around at 10:30 at night without one supervising adult in sight?

  • Revel: had my first White Castle burger this weekend. (What? They didn’t have WC where I grew up!)

    Rant: It was really gross.

    Bonus rant: all the same stuff everyone else is saying about thugs and thugs-in-training. My special rant is about parents who have their kids out at all hours of the night. I literally get a little teary when I see a miserable sleepy toddler in his stroller while his parents hold shrieking/spitting sessions on the sidewalk.

  • If you see a kid with a gun, call the cops. EVEN IF it is clearly a fake gun. That way, the cops might actually show up.

  • Rant: Why does Kevin Wood keep staring at me.

  • Rave: That photo is insanely beautiful.

  • The orchid.

    Kevin Wood is really from another solar system and stares like that because they told him that humans relate to you when you look them in the eye.

  • My coworker was intentionally tripped/pushed down towards the ground as she walked down the sidewalk to get onto the Metro at Metro Center this morning. Apparently this is what the thugs-in-training mentioned above do for fun on a Tuesday morning when they get older – the woman is barely 5 feet tall and petite, and it was definitely intentional – what is wrong with people? seriously?

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