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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • As the weather turns nice again, it’s time to get out of the beltway and enjoy the fresh air. You can’t help but see all of the food stands with fresh produce popping up on family run farms. So, I put this out to the loyal PoP readers…

    Is there any restaurant nearby that truly commits themselves to using local produce and avoiding flying in out of season products?

    Obviously there should be. What can we make while only using products grown 120 miles outside of DC?

    It doesn’t make sense that I am penalized for using a little plastic bag that I use to put bananas in that are flown in from 2,000 miles away. Does it?

    • well, there’s more than one environmental issue at hand, and you can’t ignore our local river just because you’re ignoring carbon issues related with long-distance food. that’s a defeating argument.

      • Where did I say that I was going to ignore other things? Sheesh.

        • was just responding to this: “It doesn’t make sense that I am penalized for using a little plastic bag that I use to put bananas in that are flown in from 2,000 miles away. Does it?”

          I know you were just being rhetorical, but you know, can’t say it doesn’t make sense to do one thing just b/c we don’t do everything. Environmental regulations, like all of the rest of them, don’t happen in a vacuum.

    • I’m pretty sure that Founding Farmers is something like that. At least, I thought that was their whole idea.

      • FF is definitely not like that. There are a lot of restaurants that claim to be, but I haven’t found any that actually are.

    • Maybe Nora’s?

  • rave: weather, epic bike ride, staying in and not partying like crazy all weekend, not being hungover, spring break, work is not bad, eating at home the entire weekend.

    rant: school sucks, ex girlfriend sucks, need to do tons of laundry, almost out of weed, school sucks, nice day but stuck here at work, school sucks, have to watch $$$ spending until friday.

  • there’s a restaurant in Glover Park, but for the life of me (my gramdma let me borrow that expression!) I can’t remember the name of it… down the street from Rockland’s BBQ… I think it might be Blue Ridge?

    Anyway, whoever they are, they use all produce and meats, etc from farms within a certain radius, and they tailor the menu for what’s growing in that particular season. The way everybody should!

    • It is called Blue Ridge and both their bacon and their mac and cheese are fantastic! It’s on Wisconsin Ave – a little pricey but worth it.

  • Drew and TaylorStreetMan- I simply don’t agree. I am not saying that we shouldn’t eat locally grown, in season food, but rather, when I go out to eat, I am often looking for something exotic and different.

    By your standards, we would never consume bananas because they aren’t local, but moreover, we’d never eat sushi, never consume champagne, lobster would be totally out, as would olive oil. I don’t think that this is “the way everbody should” do things.

    I love fresh, locally grown produce and protein, absolutely. I think it is idiotic, however, to claim that all restaurants should only use that which is locally grown and in season.

    • jeesh, chill out.
      Let me rephrase, then:
      I think it would be super if people tried to eat more locally grown/produced food, not only to support local farms, but to cut down on carbon foot print.

      I am not advocating a ban on exotic or foreign foods, or a fine for people who eat bananas… I love sushi and humus.

      OK, Good Morning?

      • Kalorini

        +1 to eating locally, TaylorStreetMan! Thank you for clarifying for the exotic-eating philistines 🙂

        • I’d be happy if tomatoes actually tasted like what they are supposed to taste like ..regardless of where they’re from.

          Locally grown produce is a waste if it’s not grown properly. There’s a lot of mediocre locally grown produce. It’s the equivalent of greenwash.

        • +1 more. Makes my day to see folks concerned about supporting local farms and reducing carbon footprint.

          And, ugh – related rant:
          Was in Puerto Morelos, Mexico last week were I saw on a restaurant’s menu that their guacamole was made with California Haas avocados. Sheesh.
          On the way back from the Dupont Farmers’ Market we stopped in at Giant to look at the avocados – they were all from Mexico.

      • Yeah, seriously. Nobody said ban all foods outside of a certain radius. Just like nobody said ban plastic bags. It’s just that you should be aware of how much of your food needs to be shipped in from great distances.

        It’s kind of like all those Save the Planet concerts where tens of thousands fly across the globe to see all of these bands and their tons of gear, which is also flown in.

        I’m by no means an environmentalist, I just think that we could take some steps to further the cause. And we should be supporting local food anyway.

    • Exactly what grows here locally over the winter that is soon going to show up in produce stands? Eating locally for most of the world for most of civilization has meant extremely limited variety and episodic starvation. I don’t really want to spend winters living on potatoes, onions and cabbages thank you. There is a huge potential world of good & righteous eating between tasteless abusive factory produce and the new “eat local” fascism.

  • rant: girlfriend broke up with me.
    double rant: it wasn’t really about us but about her employer, who is putting some strict (and really discriminatory) conditions on her ability to see me. It sucks. A lot.

    Minor rave: weather was nice enough to go for a long, consoling run. It’s hard to cry while you’re running.

    • double rant: it wasn’t really about us but about her employer, who is putting some strict (and really discriminatory) conditions on her ability to see me.

      How does that even work? Sorry about the breakup.

    • That’s the first one I heard. It takes “it’s not you it’s me” to another level.

      • I think you have it backwards, “Its you. not me”.
        /fixed that for ya..

        • Picture don’t ask don’t tell. That’s not exactly what’s going on (she’s not in the military) but some employers have a lot of control over where you go when you’re not at work, and if you have a boss who doesn’t like gay folks and has a lot of say in whether you’re a suitable employee….well, it can get complicated.

          I’m not saying that’s 100% the cause of the breakup, but it’s the majority.

    • No, it was about the two of you. People don’t break up with you because their boss doesn’t like you. That’s an excuse.

  • Rave: It’s sunny and warm…for a few more days anyway (Rant).

    Mini Rant:
    I have yet to find a coffee shop in DC that doesn’t brew bitter coffee. What’s the deal? Is it a regional taste? Is it the type of coffee I’m ordering? Is it that I haven’t found the right shop? It’s mystifying.

  • Thanks for clarifying. Like I said, I am a fan of eating locally grown/raised products recognize the benefit it has for the environment. That said, many, many, many people take these absolutist stances and then want to apply it generally. I don’t have a problem if someone wants to eat only locally grown stuff, or if someone doesn’t want to eat meat, or only wants to wear red. I don’t really care, but it irks me when people make decisions about what is right or wrong for others. Your initial post was absolutist in nature and passed a value judgment on other people’s decisions, and that is what irked me.

    I love sushi, bananas and all other sorts of imported, exotic fare. I’d buy local produce and the like, but I am glad my sushi isn’t made from fish caught in the Potomac.

    • “I am glad my sushi isn’t made from fish caught in the Potomac.”

      Double ditto that!

      Glad we agree. My initial post was part poorly-worded, part misinterpreted….

      Happy eating and I’ll see you at the sushi bar!

  • Rave: Took a leisurely stroll through Malcolm X park yesterday and it was basically the perfect way to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

    Rant: I probably have some legit things to rant about, but it all seems so insignificant when the weather is this pleasant.

  • totally agree. odds are better if it’s local simply because most other produce actually ripens on the truck or ship from California or Argentina, rather than on the vine.
    Local is no guarantee, though, as you point out. Tasty rules all!

  • sorry. that was meant as response to Ragged Dog (1:18)

  • with regards to good food, Saint Ex at 14th and T gets most of their meats and produce from local and organic sources

    • …and they get thier wait staff from Duchebagville. I used to love that place. Bartenders are a**holes.

  • Rave: Two excellent gigs this weekend. Great audience, fun time, and it’s nice to have extra cash in my wallet. I had forgotten how fun Old Town Alexandria could be.

    Also, had dinner with some friends yesterday and met their one month old baby for the first time.

    Rant: It’s Monday and I’m back at work.

  • Rant: Didn’t get tix for my kids to the White House Easter Egg Roll via the online lottery. Wish that we DC residents still had that odd little perk (kind of) of being able to get down to the Ellipse to line up for tix to such things. 🙁

    Rave: Beautiful beautiful beautiful few days of sunshine, and the crocuses and tulips are starting to pop up in the garden. Woo hoo!

  • rant: the boy didn’t call yesterday. I think I need to give up on him.

  • does anyone have anyone have an opening in their group home or know of anyone looking for another roommate to move in? its for a young professional who is looking for something close to a metro and cheap(ish). im trying to help him search out a place, but every other posting on craiglist seems to be a scam.

    any help is greatly appreciated! 🙂

  • Rant: I wish I were still in Mexico.

    Rave: I’m happy to come home to such lovely weather.

  • Rave: State Farm sounds like they just might pay my claim for the collapsed carport, victim of the blizzard.

    Rave: My Virginia buddy with a pickup was kind enough to come by and haul away much of the carport debris at no charge.

    Rant: Some A%$hole is getting away scot free “stealing” $300,000 from my buddy. What a freakin’ J*&K!!

  • Rant: My dog sitter is in GW hospital with serious back injuries from falling in a bar.
    Rant: He probably shouldn’t have been hanging upside down at said bar.
    Rant: I feel guilty that I laughed when he told me the emergency room doctor asked him if he was a circus performer.

  • Rave: Hot date with the wife.
    Rant: We bought cupcakes at Red Velvet and I could not believe the size of the box they used for 6 cupcakes. It is probably recycled paper but it still seemed wasteful to me.

  • Rave: Beautiful weekend.
    Rant: still no bathroom door.

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