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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Over the weekend I had several people tell me that things that I did, like shoveling the alley, organizing snow shoveling groups on our block some afternoons, and over this weekend, dismantling big corner snow mounds were done because “Fenty takes care of the rich white areas.”

    Not only is that statement just nuts, it goes to show me that while our shovel brigade was integrated, there are still smart African-American people who want to ignore the hard work that gentrifiers and yuppies do BY THEMSELVES to improve their community THEMSELVES without government assistance.

    It’s one of many such incidents where I am liberal in nature but sometimes respond conservatively in the face of the utter batsh** insanity of “The Plan.”

    As if one sign that The Plan is in motion is that white people shovel their own street so they can get to work.

    • and maybe I’m being too harsh because there were three African-American women in our group of shovelers, but it’s still frustrating to me that instead of someone THANKING me for my HARD WORK they want to turn it into something where I get something for free.

      these perceived inequities… when you actually sit down and look at them… Like one alley got completely plowed out that first weekend. why? People got together and paid a guy with a plow on his pick up $200 to plow it. How many losers think the city plowed some rich neighborhood’s alley? how many losers will “blame Fenty” for that.

      Nothing has made me a strong Fenty proponent more than the logic of the people who don’t like him.

      • The city, as a rule, doesn’t plow alleys, so that should be a solid argument against these knuckleheads.

        They’d hear that, realize their mistake, apologize for making racist generalizations, and walk away wondering to themselves: “Maybe I should re-examine the results of my own actions and take the personal responsibility necessary to become a fully invested member of my multi-cultural community!”

        If that happens, send the Devil a sweater and a nice pair of mittens, because Hell has just frozen over!

      • Didn’t you know? The rich white minority has inspired the working class of plow pushers and snow haulers to support our conspiracy to take over the city. They were paid with cafe lattes and gift certificates to Pottery Barn.

        Next we’ll all be demanding exorbitant rent increases and begin buying out surrounding low-income housing to build a cricket pitch.

        • Wait… doesn’t that happen already?

        • That’s simply a DAHling idea! Could we also make room for my Arabian show ponies to prance about! They absolutely LOVE the open air, you see!

        • But Cafe Latte’s from where? I’m cool with the Pottery Barn for sure, but I measure myself heavily on the type of cafe latte I consume.

      • houseintherear

        Neener, are you in Bloomingdale? This all sounds very much like my neighborhood and alley situation.

      • http://filthyteaching.blogspot.com/2010/01/checking-out.html#comments

        Although the above is just a blog and I don’t know the person, I do know others – taken advantage of, forced to do jobs they didn’t sign up for and are not reasonably capable of doing. The myth – so far as I can tell – is that it is Barry Old School vs. Fenty New School where Barry is the old way of doing things and Fenty is straight-up bust-balls but that isn’t exactly true, is it?


        He has not done anything close to a good job nor run anything close to a transparent administration. Every single person I know that has anything to do with this city and with city government does not want to see him reelected – what does that tell you?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Work
    Rave: Employed
    Rant: Really miss New Orleans.

  • Rant – USA lost
    Rave -USA won in my eyes

  • Rave: awesome snowboarding this weekend – I’m getting pretty good and am able to go much faster and do some simple “tricks” (by tricks I mean going up those little hills on the side of the main trail and not killing myself)

    Rant: going faster means harder falls – I can’t turn my head to the side or look up without being in excruciating pain

    Rave: warmer weather!

    Rave: totally busy at work which makes the days go by so fast… sometimes too fast (never thought that day would come)

    Rave: PoP on my lunchbreaks 😀

  • Rave: I am not a slave to fashion. I’m fashion’s slavemaster and I wield a big whip.

    Rant: My butt hurts.

  • Rave: The Drew (new condo building almost done on Sherman Avenue) looks great and is a sure sign of progress on my street! Take a look if you haven’t seen http://www.thedrewcondos.com

    Rant: I want to convert the basement of my rowhouse into an apartment but the price to do it scares me.

  • Rant: That DC Council, including Muriel, want to increase fines for folks who don’t clear their walks when in my neighborhood (Petworth) the ONLY owner who did NOTHING to clear sidewalks WAS the DC government. They should fine themselves!

    Rant: The, at least partial truth, in Neener’s observation that racism against whites in this city persist and can cause mental anquish for people of European descent living among the african-american majority.

    • Pretty amusing, because I can recall the time when she was handed a snow shovel for a photo opportunity, and was so unfamiliar with the device that she was holding it by the wrong end.

  • Rave: It’s a gorgeous day. I hiked, ate and shopped all over Dupont, Logan and Shaw this weekend. It was good to get out and be able to walk without snow and ice stunting my stride.

    Rant: March isn’t over yet.

  • Rave: Warmer weather
    Rave: LA
    Rant: Cleaning house (literally and figuratively)

  • Rave: Tomorrow is my and my partner’s 12th anniversary.

    Wednesday, we finally earn the right to legally marry.

  • Rave: I haven’t been to a Rave in so long and I’m super pumped that the Rave scene up on New York Ave is slowly but surely making a comeback!!!

  • Rant: Bit-_ed at by a neighbor who I’ve never met in 2+ years of living in my neighborhood at 8am Saturday morning for something I didn’t do.

    Rave: Spurred me to begin patio expansion and “big fence project”.

    Reader Education of the day: If you make over $40k per year and own your house/condo you represent 50%+ of the DC annual revenue. You represent 88% of income tax revenues. You are also 20% of the city population.

    • ah

      So, what didn’t you do?

      • My dog didn’t crap behind her house. We later figured out that there really wasn’t crap in her parking pad, she just saw my dog out back this morning and decided today was the day to yell at someone.

        As a dog owner, you kind of get painted with the same brush as irresponsible dog owners. I can take it, but in my drawers before my coffee is asking a lot of my self restraint.


  • Rant: The massive amount of garbage being left behind as the snow melts. On my walk to the metro, I heard a weird noise that scared me and I jumped out of the sidewalk and turned around to see probably 20 pieces of garbage blowing down the street and sidewalk behind me. This was on 7th St NW between NH Ave and Taylor. Out of hand.

    Rave: I love the new line of baby elm trees in the medians of NH Ave between Grant Circle and where NH Ave turns into Sherman south of the metro!

  • Squirrel! Git the squirrel!

  • had a great time satuday night. Starting to get a life. luckily my feelings toward my x dont seem to apply to the rest of the species.

    I have been taking a lot of timeoff, i couldnt when i was married because i got so much grief for being at home. now i can relax. working out a lot too to channel the emotions into something positive. feeling pretty good, even getting caught up with people who were persona non grata while i was married.

    real estate agent is coming by this week. look for my house soon on gdon. trying to get this divorced finished so i only have to see you when picking up dropping off the kids.

    Adjusting to being single: vacuumed my apartment half naked while drinking a beer on sunday afternoon.

    • Ewwwww – didn’t really need that visual. Glad you’re finding us useful for your therapy postings – but really, getting to be a bit much.

  • rg, I’m so happy you are recovering. You are rediscovering the joys of living alone.

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