Radio One Not Coming to Shaw

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Lots of readers sent in word about the failed Radio One project to Shaw near Howard University. Washington Business Journal writes:

“Radio One would have been the anchor tenant in Broadcast Center One, a project that was slated to bring 103,000 square feet of office space, close to 25,000 square feet of retail, 180 apartments for rent (45 of which would be reserved as affordable housing) and a 195-spot underground parking garage to the northeast corner of Seventh and S streets NW. D.C. had committed to providing the land — which sits directly atop an entrance to the Shaw-Howard University Metro station — and $23 million in subsidies for the deal in 2008, a package worth an estimated $30 million.”

The journal mentions that the United Negro College Fund may move into this spot.

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  • Probably not a great loss.

  • Since that fell through, back on the vacant list that block goes… oh wait this is DC, sorry, put that on the non-tax list along w/ Shiloh, Sender and the Douglas properties

  • “thuggish rapper” is a ridiculous psuedonym…and this IS a great loss, it would have brought a lot of new jobs (read: income tax revenue and new consumers) into a town that could always use a bit of both

  • UNCF would be a better anchor in my opinion.

  • This is terrible news. I have lived in Shaw for six years, and the city has been looking for a tenant for that property for just as long. That parcel, along with the dilapidated Wonder Bread factory, the O St. Market skeleton, and the perpetually soon-to-be-renovated Howard Theater are terrible blights on an otherwise great neighborhood. Shaw’s residents are doing our parts: we maintain our streetscapes; we pay exorbitant property taxes; and we take care of our properties. Is it too much to ask the City government and local developers to do their parts?

  • it’s really quite amazing that the city can offer to give away the whole property along with a $23M handout and the developer still doesn’t want to move forward.

    if real market forces (vs. political forces) were at play here this would not be a vacant lot.

    just sayin.

    • ding ding ding…right answer.

      Almost makes you wonder if there were some “political forces” on the back-end that didn’t get their wheels properly greased the way they were expecting.

  • Thank god we still have the section 8 housing brightening up the neighborhood.

  • \if real market forces (vs. political forces) were at play here this would not be a vacant lot.\

    i’m not so sure. Shaw has been commercially avoided for years and years. there are plenty of other available spots in shaw that remain untouched. the .gov has been trying hard to pimp out shaw and its not stuck that well.

  • You just can’t hitch your wagon to a business that hitches its wagon to the the lowest common denominator of customers. That’s business 101. If Cathy Hughes put as much energy in running Radio 1 as she does doing PSA’s on proposed legislation, maybe her business would be in better shape.
    When the story is written on gentrification in this city, you will see that a lot of the people moaning didn’t seize the opportunities they were given. Given all the perks one could reasonably ask for, they still couldn’t put it together. In the shadow of Howard University and all through U St. very few, if any, black owned businesses have opened. It’s time to stop blaming gentrification and take a closer look at where the problem really lies.

    • you stole my handle, maybe you better read the book again instead of stealing other people’s ideas……

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