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  • So many questions about this:

    1) What is “unusual behavior” for a raccoon?

    2) Are they requesting that I “pick up a raccoon” if it shows “unusual behavior”? If so, then how can I “avoid all contact with raccoons”?

    • Unusual behavior for raccoons would be:

      Wandering around during the day, looking disoriented or moving slowly when out in the open, appears unafraid of people/animals, trying to attack people/animals.

      Basically if you can get close enough to a raccoon to pick it up there’s probably something wrong with the animal.

      The grammar in that first sentence is atrocious, but is it really that difficult to understand, people? Clearly it should be “picked.”

  • Run, Ranger Rick! They’re coming to get you!

  • Yeah, I’m really perplexed by this one. Is it instructing me to pick up a raccoon? And in what sense of the phrase? Is this part of a bestiality prostitution sting?

  • I hate DC employees.

    I used to deal with this sort of thing in DCPS all the time- people make these crazy signs with all kinds of weird fake language and when I called them on it I got called a racist- to my face. Ethnic language differences or not, that is not a sentence!

  • i don’t think i’ll ever stop laughing at this. i want to pick up a raccoon two weeks from now just to keep the signage coming.

    • ah

      The next one will be warning people to stay away from some crazy-acting guy running around and behaving weirdly. In fact, that’s really what we should be on the lookout for. The raccoon will be dead by the middle of the week, if it’s not already.

  • ebonics lives

  • Prince Of Petworth

    This flier seriously kills me, but in all seriousness it is rather sad to hear that people are picking up raccoons.

    • I’m still not convinced that’s what happened here. The flier clearly demands that a person pick up a raccoon. Unfortunately, it’s past March 18, so it’s too late for any of us to collect any possible reward.

    • Momma always said stupid is as stupid does : )

  • These are posted all over my block, but they are all in Spanish. I haven’t seen the English version.

  • Unusual behavior, as I have experienced, generally entails a raccoon with crazy eyes attacking anything, from bushes, couch cushions, potted plants, fence posts, anything really. Also, if it sees you, you’ll be surprised to know they’re quite quick when rabies-infected and insane.

  • This looks like it may be an attempt at translating from Spanish to English. It’s a mess, and since over 1/3 of adults in DC are functionally illiterate the Dep’t of Health should know that they’d be way better off with pictograms than text.

  • Joking aside, is anyone else a bit disheartened that an official city flier that must have been reviewed by at least a couple of government staff is this incomprehensible?

    Or is DC government just that incompetent?

  • So, what city problems are we going to be tackling today?

    A raccoon on the list? Ok, there we go.

  • This is so messed up.

    Part of me is thrilled that someone cared enough to start a poster campaign because (I am guessing) someone was bitten by a rabid raccoon. Or perhaps took it home to skin and eat for dinner. The “pick up” thing does leave a lot of questions. But whatever -it’s obviously over concern for someone’s safety.

    Then, of course, I can’t get beyond the absolute failure of the way the message was delivered, since it is pretty incomprehensible.

    I’m glad someone cares. It’s too bad that they are unable to translate that positive motive into an effective action.

    • Incomprehensible? We all know what is intended. There is ONE misspelling or typo. Now, granted, it’s a pretty dumb one and in a prominent place on the poster…

  • Reminds me of the Wanted posters on Parks and Recreation a couple of weeks ago.

  • “Hey there, little guy. What’s your sign?”

  • It sounds like the start of a joke.

  • I think what it is saying is that: someone already picked up a Raccoon on or before March 18 (maybe eye witness report) and dc animla control wants to find the person.

  • All your raccoon are belong to us. You have no chance of survive, make your time.

  • +1

  • I was attacked by a raccoon here in town – I was jogging in Battery Kemble Park in a wooded section and it lunged at me and kind of chased me. It seemed very ill and dazed.

  • but its not April fools yet

  • A person read up a blog post

  • ruh roh!

    i live at 13th and park and have never seen a raccoon in or near my yard in the two years i’ve lived there…until thursday night.

    at least it was night time, and he was not loitering around the liquor store.

  • I just like the mug shot of the raccoon… to really distinguish that one from all the others?

    Seriously though, watch out for your dogs! It probably means they found a rabid one on the 18th, right, and there might be more if he’d bitten others? And obviously if you picked up a raccoon, um, go get yourself checked out!

  • No comment on the “DOH”! at the bottom of the flyer?

  • Unusual behavior for a racoon? reminds me of the old bear city skits on SNL

  • that poster does not inspire danger.. the racoon is so cute

  • I had a raccoon in my backyard during snowmageddon ’10!! NO JOKE! The thing was huge and was hiding in my BBQ!

  • awesome poster! i wish we had more humorous fliers put up around my town. Thanks for sharing

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