PoP PSA – Check and Clean Your Gutters


As someone who has dealt with some painful water issues in my basement please learn from my mistakes and check your gutters. It will save you much money and misery in the future. And as far as this building in Shaw is concerned – it’s not good enough to just have a gutter, it has to actually be connected to something sweet gutter:


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  • That gutter is connected to something, a scupper drain. That box is called a leader head/box and there is a small drain called a scupper that is used on flat roofs, frequently on flat roofs with decks.

    • Agreed. Behind that wall is a deck of some sort. The low point of the deck is right about the height of that box. What you can’t see is a hole in the wall that allows water to drain into the box and down the downspout.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Good to know! But the PSA still remains. Clean your gutters or it’ll cost you later.

  • We have scupper drains – on the boat. Ethymology from the French escopir, to spit out

  • i’m new to this – can someone please explain why cleaning gutters is so important?

    • if your gutters are clogged with leaves, mud, and random muck, the water will spill over. Some of it will fall harmlessly (annoyingly, but harmlessly) over the *front* of the gutter onto the ground, but a lot of water will end up running over the back side of the gutter, which is connected to your house. It can end up running down into your walls, soaking everything from the roof to the foundation.

      By the time you notice that small spot of water damage on your dining room wall, it’s too late. You’ve got huge mold and water damage issues. The only thing to do then is to start ripping out the drywall and raidng your 401k to pay for mold remediation. Big time bummer.

  • Also, how do you clean/check them?

    • for first floor gutters, get yourself a ladder (you may be able to rent one from the Home Despot) and just climb on up there. Of course, be careful!

      Use some good work gloves and just clear out any old leaves and dirt, either with your hands or a hand spade or whatever seems appropriate. Don’t forget to check that the down spouts are clear.

      You can also spray them really well with the garden hose after you’ve removed the bulky stuff.

      For second floor or higher gutters, best to call a gutter cleaning company unless you feel comfortable on a really long extension ladder! I sure don’t. If you’re lucky, you may also have a roof access hatch somewhere inside your house through which you can climb out and get to the gutters. Goes without saying to be VERY careful.

      Good luck.

  • Agreed on the PSA for cleaning out your gutters. Good point. Maybe you should do a weekly PSA for homeowners like this.

  • thanks for putting up pics of my house. yes, i do actually live there. and yes, that is the most important gutter on the entire building. trust me, its connected. a couple feet of melted snow doesn’t look so great on your sweet roof deck if it has nowhere to go.

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