PoP Preview – Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar


A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Dupont Circle was getting a new coffee shop called Filter located at 1726 20th St, NW. I was able to swing by and chat with owner Rasheed Jabr on Friday.

Filter has received nearly all of their permits and hopes to open this Thursday, March 12th. It might be worth calling just to make sure they’re open if you want to stop by on Thurs. (202-234-5837). Filter will be open from 7am – 7pm seven days a week.

This is a proper coffee shop along the lines of Peregrine, Qualia, Mid City Caffe etc.

In addition to coffee, tea will also be available as will some pastries. While bagels will not be available, they will be providing daily fresh Faselle (a type of bread) that can be served with butter, jam and/or cream cheese.

And of course Wifi will be available.

As always the photos will do more justice than I can:


More photos after the jump including coffee and tea menus.


Owner Rasheed Jabr



Artwork will rotate every 4 – 6 weeks. Currently on display is work by Sheila Mahoutchian.



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  • Looks great, but PLEASE be open later than 7 pm. Neighborhood residents would love to be able to come home from work and have an evening coffee/dessert. The demand is definitely there since this a nighttime neighborhood.

  • Yeah, DC coffeshops are always hobbled by early closing hours, small stores, and/or ridiculous policies (like Tynan’s no laptops before 3 thing). I hope this place bucks the trend.

  • If they can put together a decent cappuccino, it’s goodbye Tryst for me.

  • I drove past the other day and had trouble figuring out where they were – the silver sign on the white/grey stone doesn’t stand out so much. They may want to put a brighter color up somewhere to distinguish themselves!

  • they should have opened a year earlier. they could have been the official caffeine-ator for the real world house, about a half a block away. or maybe that’s why they waited.

  • Zee, Tryst actually makes an excellent cappuccino, they just don’t know it. Tryst uses waay too much milk in their drinks so you have to order a couple sizes down. What they call a cortado is accidentally a delicious classic cappuccino, as good as anywhere in DC.

    • No kidding? I may have to try that. Their cappuccinos are hit or miss. Sometimes the foam is off, sometimes the espresso is off, rarely does it all come together.

  • I swung by a couple of days ago; there’s a sign on the door that says to come in and get coffee if the lights are on (which they were). Owner Rasheed is friendly and pulls a good shot, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

  • Oh good, their art will rotate. That’s what I like in a coffee shop.

    The real issue with coffee shops in DC, IMHO, is that they are never large enough for the amount of people that want to sit all day in them. Maybe we could get one that offers a floor for the day campers and one for the people who want to sit down, enjoy their coffee, and then go on about their lives.

    In the end, we all know it’s laptops that are killing coffee shops. Stop trying to be productive. Just sit there, enjoying. If you really need to do something constantly, you’re missing the point anyway.

    People will (or used to, at least) stay at Tryst all day and when it closed head over to the Diner all night. When Tryst would open, it was back over there. It was great if you were in the rotation, but if you got out of sequence, you were pretty mush SOL.

  • I am biased, I work there. But, I also worked for a coffee shop in Ithaca, NY called Gimme! coffee. On the grand scheme of “coffee shops” this one is by far and away matching the industry standards for excellence, innovation, and is propelling coffee into the books as a true art form worthy of connoisseur-ship. Luckily, for someone who just wants a great cappuccino and a nice timely barista, they will be impressed @ Filter. I will talk to Rasheed about the hours 🙂

  • Table meters! 15 minute meters, 2hr meters….

  • Any chance there are comfy chairs? I’m not a laptop wielding day camper, but I do love to curl up with a good book and a couple of cups of coffee (or coffee-like drinks) for a hour or two. For the most part that means I’m confined to Caribous, unless I’m missing places. Most other places I’ve seen have hard chairs and tables for laptops, studiers, etc., but nothing soft. I don’t see any comfy chairs in the photos, but might there be more to see?

    I guess I could just stop by (which I probably will anyway), but I was hoping someone in the know could give me a heads up.

  • I’ve been wanting to ask this question for a really long time… those of you who take your laptops to coffeeshops, or a book or whatever, is there a reason you can’t read or work or surf or whatever at home? I’ve always wondered this (I really don’t know anyone who’s a coffeshop camper of any sort) and I can’t think of any circumstance under which I’d prefer to work or read or whatever somewhere other than my home. (And, I work from home.) I have everything I need at home, and it’s actually quiet here (or not, if that’s my preference), there’s always unlimited space, wifi, outlets, comfy furniture, food, etc. I just don’t get it. I get wanting to go out and be social either alone or with friends, but if you’re just going to sit by yourself and work or read… I don’t understand.

  • Like Milly, I’m biased, I work here. Definitely stop by on Thursday and after!

    But as a professed coffee shop book reader and laptop sitter, Nichole, the reason I go out to coffee shops rather than working from home, is that I find I’m more productive when I leave the house and sit down with a specific purpose in mind. I also enjoy a healthy level of white noise when I work. Its overall much more pleasant than working alone at home.

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