Pica Taco Coming to Old LZ Restaurant Space on Fla. Ave


Thanks to a reader for the heads up. LZ Middle East Restaurant closed back in early Jan.. Pica Taco has a current location at 1629 Columbia Road NW. We looked at it back in June ’09. When I walked by there was still a bit of construction going on at the Florida Ave location.

Think the new spot will thrive given it’s somewhat tough location for a restaurant?

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  • Hell yes. I will keep it in business all by myself.

  • Ditto Anonymous! I just tried the Columbia Road location this weekend and LOVED it. That’s saying something for a gal who’s from the land of taquerias — SoCal. I’m sooo soooooo excited! Any idea when it’s opening?

  • Yipee. I walk by there all the time and think, how nice it would be if there was a place where people actually wanted to eat…

    I didn’t dare to dream it could actually be tacos!!!!

  • Maybe I’m missing somehting. Where on Florida is this new spot opening?

  • I spoke with the owner’s nephew yesterday outside of the new location. He said that they were going to do a lot to address the problems that LZ had – namely being completely uninviting. He also said that they were hoping to be open in about a month.

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