Photos From PoPville – The Circus and Flowers

Acrobats (Day eighty)

Madame Meow got this great shot of the acrobats above. As I’ve noted, the flowers have seriously begun to represent. Below’s great shot was taken by fromcaliw/love.

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Glimpse of spring

Finally this amazing shot was taken by K’s Clicks.

Capitol Hill Blooms

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  • A circus outside of a tent just doesn’t feel right. A sports arena? Nah, it’s not doing it for me.

  • the middle photo is of a kind of species tulip – the way tulips were in the wild before they started being cultivated for gardens. They come eastern Europe and the Middle East. They are a great kind of bulb to plant because they bloom year after year (while garden tulips will bloom once or twice and then that’s it). They’re also a lot less expensive and come in a wide range of colors. Almost every garden center will carry species tulips in addition to the fancy garden tulips.

  • Latest Cherry Blossom Update:

    According to Nat’l Park Service Horticulturalist Rob Defeo, with the warmer weekend weather, the cherries have been pushed into and reached their third of five stages (extension of florets) before peak blooming occurs
    -which has now been revised and brought forward to April 1 – 4.

    The two week Cherry Blossom Festival begins this Saturday at The National Building Museum (Pension Bldg).

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