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  • It was either Oingo Boingo or Faith
    Don’t remember which one though… Ahh ’87

  • My car doesn’t have a cd player, just a radio and cassette player. I still listen to cassettes in my car.

    And my band puts down all rehearsal material on cassette tapes. They’re pretty old school.

  • Tapes are BACK, baby. Don’t ditch that deck just yet.

  • Newcleus – Jam On It in ’84 was my first tape.

  • High Speed Dubbing was the original Napster. Sharing music is an age old concept. 🙂

  • I was considering throwing away my 2nd Generation iPod last month.. but then i decided to keep it and i have it decorated in my living room on book shelf with other collectibles.

    Tapes were fun, easy to record any song from the radio..!

  • First tape – Thriller, Quincy Jones
    First record – Skyscraper, David Lee Roth (w/ Steve Vai)

  • ontarioroader: you my man! i used to rollerskate to that track back in NY…memories….

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