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The cool shot above was taken by rosiedawn. And below is the Ontario Theater Canopy taken by Mr. T in DC. He writes:

“The decaying, but still beautiful canopy belonging to the art deco Ontario Theater (1951, Moehle & Zink), at 1700 Columbia Road NW, Washington, DC. The theater is currently vacant, and the lobby is actually in decent shape. Wouldn’t it it be nice if it was restored and put to an appropriate use?”

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Ontario Theater Canopy

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  • You could go to the cinema and see current movies at the Ontario as late as the 1970’s.

    In its prime during the 1950’s it is was as prime a destination for Hollywood premieres as The Uptown on Connecticut Avenue in Cleveland Park which is still going strong.

    It’s important to note that now that the CVS Pharmacy has relocated across and down the street, the space available there at Ontario Road and Columbia Road is now the full original space of what was a grand Washington cinema.

    • saf

      No, it was well into the 80s – it was still going when I lived down the street in the late 80s. There were still concerts there too. I saw “She’s got to have it” there. My roommate say Frankie Goes to Hollywood play there.

      I loved that space. Such a beautiful movie palace! I wish it were still there.

  • That’s where I saw the Wiz with a bunch of kids from a program I was working with at the time. 78? 79? . It was a great old theater. Everyone had a great time, the kids were rocking in their seats the whole time, you could feel the theater moving.

  • I think they should turn this into a brew and view, like arlington draft house, or other great second run movie theaters that offer beer and cheap food that flourish in other parts of the country.

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