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Ojo Latino is a series by Néstor Sánchez Cordero. Nestor writes, “This week the Ojo Latino went to the Immigration Reform March on Sunday in the National Mall to try to capture the different faces of the Latino community in this country. People came from all over the US to try to push Congress to discuss immigration reform and stop the raids that have separated so many families in the last years. I know the immigration debate is controversial, I hope these faces put a human touch on the issue.”

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  • Wao, que buenas fotos!
    Me encanta ese ojo latino…
    Hubiese estado encantada de estar allí viendo “las caras lindas de mi gente bella”…

  • Regarding the first picture: Sunglasses are out of control these days, to the point of becoming comically large! Something needs to be done about this nonsense.

  • Nuestra belleza latina…. Si se puede!

  • Great photos. On the immigration reform issue, though, I gotta say, I’m skeptical. While I think there are strong arguments to be made in favor, I don’t think Democrats should touch the issue with a ten foot pole. It’s a loser for them. Unlike healthcare, the majority of Americans have little to gain from immigration reform. Elections are won and lost in the center, not by appealing to the farthest elements of your base. And there simply isn’t any great appetite among swing voters for a large amnesty program. Even among Hispanics, when you look at the views of Hispanics who are actual registered voters, their views on amnesty are not that different from other registered voters. If immigration reform doesn’t pass, will liberal advocates be upset? Sure, but where else are they going to go? They didn’t abandon Obama over the public option. They won’t abandon him over this. Swing voters, on the other hand, will abandon him in droves. Stay away from it. Dems have nothing to gain from it, and everything to lose.

  • Gente bella…pero los simbolos marxistas no nos van a ayudar, dado que EEUU se ha puesto un gran pais debido al capitalismoy libertad del individuo. No creo que ganemos nada promoviendo las politicas fracasadas de nuestras paises de origin cuando lleguemos aca. Asi opino anyway. Bien hecho al fotografo!

  • @dcdude,

    I don’t understand your logic that immigration reform is a losing issue for Dems. If anything, granting amnesty to illegal immigrants would basically guarantee them 12 million new votes to compensate for the few independent, swing voters the Graham-Schumer bill would alienate.

    • But amnesty doesn’t mean you get to vote.
      You might be eligible to become a citizen one day, but does not mean you can line up at the ballot box right away.

      unless I’m missing something…

      • Right. There are LOTS of hoops you would have to jump through to actually get to full US citizenship (and thus the availability to vote). I suppose it could have some beneficial effect down the road, but the political backlash would be immediate and severe.

  • Very nice photos. I also like your goal of showing the many faces of the Latino community. As a third generation Mexican American who frequently gets mistaken for Indian, I appreciate your efforts to show that we are a diverse group of people.

  • Tank you very much….”Las caras lindas de mi gente bella”

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