Depressing Mural in Woodley Park


This is unbelievable! A reader just sent in word and the photo above that the famous Marilyn Monroe Mural at the corner of Conn. and Calvert has been painted over.

I now believe the reader was mistaken. This looks to me like it is a different wall. I guess it’s still an interesting commentary…

Photo from Mr. T in DC
Photo from PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

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  • pretty sure that is not the right location. The Monroe mural is above the Chipotle (which would be right behind them) not over the liquor store (which is straight ahead of them). Nothing to be alarmed about.

    • The DEPRESSION “mural” on a Calvert St. building is vandalism and has been painted over in a continuing war against baby gang grafitti that has been waged for years on that wall and other places in Woodley Park. It’s a terrible problem with no end in sight and speaks poorly of police and community efforts to curb crime in the area.

      That vandalism appeared at the same time Fishglu grafitti appeared over a mural on another Calvert St. building visible over Mama Ayesha’s restaurant just over the Duke Ellington Bridge. That one is likely ruined forever.

      And earlier in 2010 the tax funded Mama Ayesha mural project on the Calvert St. restaurant itself was vandalized by grafitti gangs. I happened to see the artist (of the mural featuring Helen Thomas and the presidents she’s covered) flipping out when she first got a look at the damage to her work. Very sad.

      I favor much more agressive prevention methods and prosecution.

  • Vonstallin

    It was still in good shape why?
    and replaced by this??? Depression?

    Is this some new transplant idea of “Cool”
    investigate please.

  • This photo is of the other side of the street – the NE corner of Connecticut and Calvert. The Monroe mural is on the NW corner. Maybe it’s still there?

  • Uh, within 1/2 a second I was able to see that these are the two opposite corners of Calvert and Conn ave. POP you crack me up sometimes.

  • yes its a different wall but anyone know the story. I kind of like it. Thought provoking. Especially in woodley park.

  • I just noticed in the pics and not sure why I find this funny. But woodley park is one of the richest neighborhoods in DC yet still has the ghetto street lights. Can’t believe the anc hasn’t put in for a change to the sleek “historic”-looking street lamps that are going in all over town.

  • Yes, I assure you Marilyn is still there. This was a previously blank red wall that occasional got hit by graffiti, and that’s what I assumed this was, but “Depression.” looks pretty professional. But why that word?

    You can see how it looked last summer here:,-77.051806&spn=0,359.998367&t=h&z=20&layer=c&cbll=38.923541,-77.051932&panoid=hCCYBMQ9saDnLWHIy2Y8kw&cbp=12,67.52,,2,-1.76

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