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  • Dayton, Ohio?

    With everybody keeping their cell phone numbers after they move, I kind of feel mundane with my local number. I need something more en vogue. Maybe Hollywood.

    Certainly not Dayton.

    • I thought the same thing. I guess they take their snow pants and area code loyalty seriously in the 937.

    • What’s wrong with Dayton?

      • If you see people running out of a building, do you run in? No of course not.

        No matter where you go in the US, you’ll see a handful of cars from Ohio. Everywhere. Why are they so quick to leave?

        Heck, even I left Ohio.

        • You still haven’t told me anything objectionable about Dayton.

          And if ohio residents are so quick to leave, why do they still have ohio tags? Wouldn’t they be quick to assume the trappings of citizenship from their new state of residence? Or are you somehow able to consistently observe them in that brief period before they can get to the dmv?

  • They are no issey miyake’s but funny none the less.

  • Haha. Fancy pants.

  • Donde Esta Mis Pantalones?

  • Wonder how they got “accidentally dropped?” Hee hee

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