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National Portrait Gallery
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Hello PoP fans! Amy from Free in DC guest posting here. I’m really excited to have a chance to share some highlights from my site here with you. I’m hoping to show you a side of DC that doesn’t always get a lot of attention which is what I think makes this city great. DC may very well be the best city in the world for free things to do. I see DC as a super cool and creative city that offers lots of wonderful things to do that don’t much, if anything, to enjoy! Each Thursday, I’ll highlight arts, culture and consciousness related events happening Thursday – Sunday that I consider most interesting and will share them with you all here on Prince of Petworth. So, without further ado… I am happy to share with you some suggestions for this eve and this weekend!

Tonight, the Fridge hosts a special Art Show at their super cool space in Eastern Market featuring the work of Incarcerated Youth from 5-7pm. It’s also the final weekend for the DC Environmental Film Festival and the G40 Art Summit where you can catch lots of art, free performances and lots of free film screenings and discussions. Tonight, there are also two amazing fundraisers happening for great causes, one  at the Chi Cha Lounge for Green DC supporting Planting Empowerment from 6-8pm, details here, and the other at The Black Squirrel in Adams Morgan, where my friend Emily, who is racing in her first Triathlon, will be raising money for the Ulman Cancer Fund from 6-8pm with live music, details here. You can read more about the Green DC event here and more about Emily’s event here.

During the day this weekend, you can also check out free yoga classes at Unity Woods locations and you can also see free Film Screenings on Tibetan Buddhism at the Freer and Sackler Galleries in affiliation with their current exhibit, In the Realm of the Buddha, which is now offering free tours at 1pm daily. You can also check out the Annual Kite Festival on The Mall this Saturday and find other happenings at the Smithsonian here. On Sunday, I invite you all to Get Trunk! which will be featuring a DJ and jewelry from my friend, Deidree Bennett of MiSHi, at Napoleon in Adams Morgan from 3-6pm. There will also be a rally/ celebration in Malcolm X/ Meridian Hill Park from 2:30- 6:30pm to Support the Drum Circle, which was halted last Sunday after park police said that the group needed to have an official permit for this weekly informal gathering that has been taking place for years.

During the eves this weekend, you can check out Art, Beats and Lyrics this Friday night, though that is likely to be pretty packed and you need to RSVP and get there early to get in, or head over to the closing reception for This is Our Body in Takoma from 6-9pm and the opening reception for a new show at the Hamiltonian on U St Saturday night from 7-9pm. After that on Saturday night, you can head to Crab’s Claw House Show featuring live music from my friends in the band Mother along with two other acts. Sunday night you can meditate with IMCW or check out some live music at BloomBars or live classical music at NGA.

Whatever you do, hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Want more ideas for low cost and free things to do in DC? Visit Free in DC or follow @FreeinDCBlog on twitter.

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  • “Tonight, the Fridge hosts a special Art Show at their super cool space in Eastern Market…”

    Um, what?

    The Fridge is off of Barracks Row. I get that you’re trying to say that Eastern Market is a neighborhood, which is fine, (although as I’ve mentioned recently on this blog, no one who actually lives near Eastern Market says they live “in Eastern Market” they say Capitol Hill) but the Fridge wouldn’t be in it. The Fridge is across PA Ave. in an alley located off of 8th SE, also known as Barracks Row. You could have just said Capitol Hill instead of pretending to know what you were talking about.

    Have you ever even been east of North Capitol Street?

    (Sorry, I know this is cranky, and I’m sure Amy is a perfectly lovely girl and this is her first post and welcome and all of that – but COME ON… it takes about 30 seconds of research to figure this one out…)

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Wow, Nichole. That was pretty hard core.

    • For the benefit of those trying to get there by metro, saying Eastern Market is helpful, and, I don’t know, chill out.

    • Hi Nichole,

      I am actually very familiar with that area and I go to the fridge often. I used used to live on Capitol Hill and the area has improved quite a bit in the past ten years I must say. You’re right. I totally meant to say “near” or “close to” Eastern Market and not in. My bad, a simple semantic error. I am just getting over being pretty sick and had to run out for a meeting so I missed it when I did my final scan.

      Just so you know, my reference is always the nearest Metro station rather than neighborhood as my site focuses on city living and being able to get around without a car. You’d probably know that if you were familiar with my site, which I’ve been writing for over two and half years now.

      Yes, this is my first post here and I thought that people would be happy to see my new feature and that I’d be greeted warmly so I was surprised to see your comment, which I did find, as you mentioned, a bit cranky. I am sure you are a lovely girl as well so I’ll just assume you’re getting over being sick too. 🙂 Hope this note back explains and hope you feel better.

      • Again, I’m sorry. You’re right – semantics made all the difference. I should have been especially sensitive as I was not greeted especially warmly here when I used to occasionally write for PoP, myself – so I should have been nicer. I’m also fiercely protective of our writers at the Hill is Home, so again – shame on me.

        You provide a great service and having now taken some time to look at your blog, I realize that.

        (Interestingly, I HAVE been sick, although I won’t use that as an excuse to be a brat on the internet. We’ll just attribute that to nobody’s perfect and we all have bad days.)

  • I know plenty of people who live around there and call it Eastern Market. And I’ve met Amy and she’s pretty awesome and with it. It’s ok, Nichole.

  • The Fridge is NOT in the Eastern Market neighborhood. Sorry, it just isn’t. Why say it is when it’s literally in an alley behind Barracks Row?

    If you’re going to write a whole post promoting events and businesses, shouldn’t you get the geography of where those businesses are correct?

    Yes, I was snarky and snippy in my correction – and for that, I apologize.

    I do work for both Barracks Row Mainstreet and CHAMPS (the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce) and when we mention events at the Fridge, we make sure to say that it’s off of Barracks Row. It’s hard enough to find without the added confusion of a third party who doesn’t seem to know the neighborhood very well. Apologies if she does and this was some kind of oversight.

  • I’ll apologize once again because commenters around these parts are not for the thin-skinned and tend to jump all over posts and I admit, I just did that, and it makes me an ass.

    Amy – again, welcome. I apologize. I was an ass.

    It’s good of you to promote local events and my harshness stemmed from the fact that I am a long time Capitol Hill resident who loves my neighborhood and I work very, very hard to promote our community and local businesses not only through our blog, the Hill is Home, but also through my work in the neighborhood. Perhaps you are in fact unfamiliar with the Hill and all of it’s awesomeness, in which case, Dan can let you know how to get in touch with me and I will happily show you around and buy you a beer. I swear I’m not usually such a bitch.

    • Jeez! I hope not. Is ripping some innocent blogger a new one part of your job as a promoter? Sounds like a vacay is in order.

      • No, it’s not. Which is why I apologized twice.

        • And apologized twice for something that really wasn’t so cruelly said. A twinge testy yes, but in the context of blog comments – practically a bouquet of roses. So how about we just hit the reset.

  • Great list, Amy. May I mention the Cherry Blossom Festival is kicking off with events at the National Building Museum?

  • As a resident of 16th Street, I couldn’t be more happy that the police have finally done something about the drum circle. Having to hear the drumming all day on a Sunday even with my windows closed gets unbearable.

    • The drum circle has a long and rich history (it’s been around in one form or another for decades) and is something that brings our neighborhood together. People from any walk of life are welcomed. This is where the neighborhood comes together and we need to keep it that way.

      • I love the Sunday drum circle at Meridian Hill Park – it’s been going on for more than forty years. I’m sure it will continue – sorry anonymous. Maybe some good earplugs will help.

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