New (to Me) Maoz Vegetarian on M Street, NW


Maoz is located at 1817 M Street, NW. Their Web site says:

“Maoz Vegetarian is an international, quick service vegetarian restaurant chain, which brought to the world the delicious Maoz sandwich: FALAFEL. Our menu is strictly vegetarian and is based on simplicity, freshness and care. Our famous Maoz sandwich is home baked pita bread filled with crispy, handmade Falafel balls which are made from chickpeas, a vitamin rich legume, packed with plenty of proteins, minerals and vitamin B. The chickpeas are blended daily with fresh spices and vegetables and then fried in zero trans-fat Canola oil. All of our salads and sauces are freshly prepared every day using handpicked ingredients to assure superior quality and freshness.”

How long has this spot been open? Any fans?

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  • I like them! I work across the street, so it’s good for a change when I’m sick of potbelly. The toppings you can add to are delicious.

  • Few months now. Chain has been in Europe and NYC for years. BEST falafel. (Sweet potato fries are also delicious).

  • I stopped by last week for a falafel, and I really liked it. Fresh tasting and the toppings were great. Its sort of a cleaned up, streamlined version of the Amsterdam Falafel model — falafels and fries with a toppings bar.

    One other thing I liked about the place was its Euro-styled interior. Kinda felt like I walked into a Mentos commercial.

  • I used to go to Maoz all the time when I lived in Amsterdam. Really really awesome and super glad to see them in the states. I heard they have a branch in Philly as well…

  • OMGOSH MAOZ IS SO GOOD. Their falafel is among the best I’ve ever had (I don’t really care for falafel either). When I went it was newish and I though the seating situation could have been way better. They had benches that were not as long as the tables… could have sat at least 2 more people. However, the fries, sauces and falafel makes up for it.

    A full sandwich is pretty filling particularly with the fries, so if you are a light eater or even a regular eater, consider a half sandwich!

  • Maoz is great. Weird chain that is in NYC, Philly and overseas. So glad there is one in DC, but I am embarrassed I didn’t know about it until now. Very good stuff.

  • and it’s the feature of the month on!

  • Too bad they don’t have schwarma on their menu. THe falafel is good, but not as good as the falafel at Max’s in Wheaton.

  • I have only eaten Maoz in Spain. There are locations in NYC and Philly. Can’t wait to go get a falafel in DC. They will be neck & neck with Amsterdam Falafel.

    • Not as good as Amsterdam Falafel IMO. Toppings bar really pales in comparison, selection is less than half of what Amsterdam offers (Maoz also charges you for things that Amsterdam has out for free). The falafel itself is good, but the bread is nothing special (too spongey). Didn’t try the fries, that could be a saving grace.

  • I love this place. It’s been in the states in Philly for about 4 years and they expanded to other cities here. It’s a european chain. Everything is delicious and tasty. The fresh carrot juice ROCKS!

  • i was at (two of them actually) one in barcelona recently and its almost identical. amazing consistency across oceans.


  • I love the salad box! falafel and all you can stuff salad bar with beets, carrots and other Mediterranean saladz. you can really get your vitamin a on here!!

  • I’m not as into falafel as I am into the toppings and Amsterdam had Moaz beat there. Though, I don’t feel as sick walking out of Moaz as I do Amsterdam. Maybe that’s a good thing?

  • Maoz is one of the best spots for lunch in the area! A+

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