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  • I can’t wait until they expand this median down sherman ave!

  • Yey, I was wondering what was going on. If I recall, I think they installed the previous turf around July/August of last year, where it promptly died.

    Speaking of the area, anyone know when/if the new sidewalk at the Park Place development is ever going to be fixed. I was confused.. they laid the concerete then proceeded to tear up portions of it and fill it with asphalt and other portions are still torn up. Looks awful.

    • ah

      This will last until July or August as well. It’s just too hot in the median, and not enough water or depth of soil, to keep grass lively through the summers here. And if summer doesn’t get it, the salt in winter will.

  • Related question, is there a way to request that the city replant/refresh the grass strips between the sidewalk and street in front of my home? I poked around on 311.dc.gov, but found nothing relevant. I would water and love the grass, but there’s nothing but dirt and weeds there now. Substitute question, if the city will not replant the strip, can I turn it up and put in pansies or some sort of ground cover?

    • ah

      I’ve seen them do this in conjunction with road/sidewalk work. But that stuff kills the existing grass. FWIW, when I had some sod installed I had them do the strip along the street as well (only the next block over got new sidewalks). I didn’t get in trouble and can’t imagine I will. You are allowed to plant there — in the “public space” — but I believe that flowers and such are limited to the “tree boxes”

    • guerrilla planting is always encouraged…

  • ah

    Jeez . . . Section 109. Sorry.

  • the new trees planted on Rock Creek Church Road are nice as well.

  • Thanks ah, section 109 was exactly what I was looking for. I can even put up a low barrier on the three non-curb sides to keep people’s dogs out (maybe). They also state they can come remove or destroy it with “sufficient warning”, but that seems fair if needed for construction or repair.

    • ah

      Yeah, I think that’s basically to put people on notice that it’s not their property and if it gets destroyed for street work don’t go bellyaching about your petunias. Given that DC has a hard time getting out to cut down totally dead trees I don’t expect them to go out and trample nicely planted beds for no reason. The dogs and the drunks, however . . .

  • Spring Road, not Spring Street. We have a Road and a Place, people. Silver Spring has a Spring Street…

  • DCAC, the City will not penalize you or fine you for planting flowers or grass on the strip. I live on a small side street in Columbia Heights and I’ve planted flowers and flowering vines in my tree box and the one next to my house for years.

    Also, I used to live on 17th & T, N.W. The folks there have taken over the sidewalk on New Hampshire Ave. and built a lovely street side garden. The same goes for upper Connecticut Avenue as well. I also make sure to water the street trees on my block. Go for it, the City would get a black eye if they destroyed your flowers for no reason. They should be grateful that folks are beautifying their neighborhoods.

  • get out and water it every day this summer, petworth, or you’ll lose it.

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