Nervewracking Tues.night in many DC Neighborhoods

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“Dear PoP,

I live in Truxton Circle. Last night at about 10pm my room mates and I heard about 4-5 gun shots coming from outside about 3 houses down. This house ALWAYS has issues, there were about 10 police officers there 3 weeks ago due to children being around drugs and probably much more. Anyways, last night we heard the gunshots and then heard someone running through the alley by our house. Two of us looked out the window and saw someone in a hoodie and jeans running past our house. An ambulance was there in about 5 minutes of the shooting and an older gentleman was put in and taken away. We then saw police at the end of the street, not sure if they caught the guy, but it was a little nervewracking. Just wanted people to be aware!”

Yikes. There was also a terrible shooting in SE in which 4 were killed and 5 injured. I think a PoPville twitter follower summed it up best after I linked to a story about a hit and run in Georgetown – she said, “DC’s a f****** mess tonight”.

Sadly, I couldn’t agree more.

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  • POP – might want to remove the OP’s address.

    OP – probably don’t want to provide your address to POP on a public forum, especially when apparently witnessing the aftermath of a crime.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I agree, I always remove addresses this was an oversight on my part. Thanks for the heads up. It’s fixed now.

  • blame it on the judges.

  • Columbia Heights had a helicopter on station and a lot of police activity as well. And when I went by DCUSA around 7pm, undercover guys had a couple of people in handcuffs on 14th St.

  • Sorry to hear the problem house is still there. The only thing that I can recommend is to keep calling 911 or txting 50411 everytime you see something. We had a few of us do that a few blocks away over the course of a few months and it made the corner a lot less friendly to the local drug franchise.

  • I guess the dealers knew the cops were otherwise occupied last night. There was an “ice cream” truck going around my block around 10pm, on a cold, rainy, windy night, music cranked up.

  • What exactly do the ice cream trucks do? I’ve wondered about them myself.

  • I don’t know what neighborhood you’re in but down on Capitol Hill we’ve had people with concerns over an ice cream truck that is out late at night or during inclemnt weather. 1st district cops have pulled him over and everythig checked out fine, properly licensed and permitted, and carrying nothing but food.

    • and bribery money!

      (just kidding!)

      (or am I?)

      I went that route before with beat cops telling me for 24 MONTHS that this drug crew was totally innocent and that I “had to get used to things” around here. As if I haven’t lived in DC for almost 20 years.

      2008. The guys were arrested selling pot to an undercover officer. 2009. The rest of the guys were arrested for crack. all but one convicted/plead guilty.

      In other words, MPD was wrong.

      In other words- TRUST YOURSELF. DO NOT TRUST MPD.

      If you have real concerns write Jim Graham, the mayor, the FBI and the DEA and avoid MPD. I was lucky that a bunch of the dealers in question had maryland tags.

  • I’m with you neener. MPD should cede drug arrests to the FBI/DEA. That is exactly the approach we took with immigration.

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