Nails & Spa Coming Soon to Mt. Pleasant Street, NW


Thanks to a reader for sending the tip (and photo). Looks like they’ll be opening up at 3161 Mt. Pleasant Street, NW – “a a few doors from Radius/Tonic.”

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  • Really, another nail joint on Mt P St? It’ll be a nice addition, along with the newer laundromat. Maybe we can have another bodega, chicken place, and bulletproof Chinese food restaurant while we’re at it. I think we may be lacking a payday loan place too.

    • I was holding myself back from saying it but yes. This is what nimby, anti-liqour license, activism gets you. With less interference from the Nimbys I think its safe to say MTP would be rounding out as a nice little restaurant row by now. Instead its carryouts and laundry mats in a neighborhood of million dollar townhomes and lux condos. go figure.

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