Movement at Lloyd’s Deli on 18th Street, NW


More movement on 18th Street, NW. This time a bit further south from yesterday. Lloyd’s was located at 1917 18th St, NW. The plywood recently went up and the permits say that the proposed use will be a restaurant. Anyone happen to hear what type of restaurant is going in here? I’ll be sure to update as this project develops.

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  • Last time I ate there I had something of a movement myself. Boo yah!

  • No one in the neighborhood called the place “Lloyd’s Deli.” It was always “Miss Kim’s.”

  • The sushi restaurant next door is awesome. The nail salon on the other side has a facade that’s about to fall down though. I don’t know how the city hasn’t walked by and cited the building owner. It’s going to come down one of these days and I hope it doesn’t hit someone.

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