More Solar Panels for Columbia Heights? Plus No Nude Performances at the Joint Chiefs


This is not confirmed but I’m hearing that the construction near the west side of the Columbia Heights metro is to install another “solar flower” like those currently on the CH plaza. I hear there will only be one added here but again this unconfirmed at the moment. I’ll be sure to update with photos if this turns out to be the case.


And in other Columbia Heights news – the building at 11th and Park Streets, NW that will house the new restaurant and bar Meridian Pint has posted a new alcohol application license. Back in January we learned that the main floor restaurant will be called Meridian Pint while the downstairs bar will be called the Joint Chiefs. From the application:

“New contemporary American cuisine with 111 seats and a total occupancy load of 111. Request an Entertainment Endorsement with live acoustic music. No nude Performance.”

Wow, this is the first time I’ve ever seen “No nude Performance” on one of these…

Meridian Pint and the Joint Chiefs are slated to open in early June.

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  • The original rendering for the plaza had petal-looking things on the trees. I wonder if that’s still in the works, or if they ran out of money?

  • With the rise of 11th and H streets is anyone else noticing that Adams Morgan is slightly more mellow? I’ve noticed and I like it. But I’m sure the first few weekends in spring will be crazy as always.

  • Not gonna lie. The solar panels in the civic plaza really tick me off.One of the most important considerations in getting a good power yield out of a solar panel is the angle of the light. That’s why when you see a solar power plant, all the panels are pointing in the same direction. The civic plaza, however, has the panels pointing in toward the fountain, which essentially makes them shockingly expensive decorations. If pointing the artifacts toward the fountain is the most important consideration, that’s fine, but don’t waste the money for solar cells. If you want real power out of the solar cells, then you can’t point the artifacts toward the fountain.

    • I’m far from an expert, but I know some PV panels are reflective on both sides. If these panels are pointed toward the fountain, it’s probably to catch light reflected off the water and ground, while the other side absorbs direct sunlight.

      • Some light will be reflected, but it will only be a small fraction of the direct sunlight. Hadn’t noticed it before, but I think Taylor is correct — they have created some rather expensive photovoltaic umbrellas 🙁

    • I may be getting old but who ever made the “direction” decision knew what they were doing.

      The Solar Trees work… how about that?

  • Dear Pop, I heard that solar panels are not recycalbe. Is that true? I guess the consideration is that they last 10 years or so and then they’ll all just end up in a landfill.

    So what happens to the solar panel when they need to be replaced?

  • @ taylor.nmt: I’m confused. Do you think the panels should face the fountain?

    @ Jim Graham: The Columbia Heights Streetscape project ends about 40 feet short of the 14th and Newton intersection. Really? You couldn’t go all the way to the intersection (on the East side)? Really?

    The end result is a cheap looking stretch of 14th. Might as well have ended it at the prior intersection.

    So, Jim Graham, be a champ and get the contractor to go those extra 40 feet!

  • so in SF there is a theatre group called No Nude Men. I’m assuming No nude performance isn’t that but in fact just a statement. please tell me i’m wrong, PoP!

  • Does that mean that we can’t have nyotaimori there?

  • I think that if the structures are going to face the fountain, they shouldn’t bother making them solar cells. unless the light shining on the cells is direct, full-on sunlight, it’s a waste of money.

  • I think the cells are all facing the same direction.

    Regarding the pavers near Newton Street, I have asked the same question to Jim Grahm and here is what I received:

    Thanks for your email. I agree that it would be nice to have a consistent design for the whole block. At the same time I want to be certain that the construction is complete as soon as possible – a number of our local businesses are really suffering as a result of all of this road work.

    I am including Director Gabe Klein who can make sure we get a response on both of your questions.
    Bests, Jim

    CM Graham, DDOT’s original plans for Newton Street were to only address 2/3 of the block, as it relates to sidewalks. However, we have asked our engineers to revisit this and add the remaining portion. In regards to the old light post, yes, we plan to remove ALL of the old light post where power has been official cut off.

    Rhones, Aaron (DDOT)

  • 3 cheers to DDOT Director Gabe Klein, Aaron Rhones, and Jim Graham for adding paver tiles the extra 40 feet to Newton street in Columbia Heights!

    Much appreciated!

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