More Scuttlebutt about a Columbia Heights Building


Seems like we’ve been hearing a lot of scuttlebutt about buildings in Columbia Heights, first the vacant one at 11th and Monroe then the other vacant one at 11th and Park and now this one at 1346 Park Road, NW (next to the Dry Cleaners and across the street from the Giant).

A reader writes that bids are due today for the 24 unit building and that: “They are selling it as a total rehab and upgrade for condo conversion.”

More info as it becomes available.

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  • been on the market for years.

  • Is it currently occupied? If so, tenant right of first refusal would kick in.

  • From the photo, it does not look vacant. Is it?

  • i live on the block. it’s been emptied out. there are no tenants left. it was sold a few years ago, the guy entitled it for a condo conversion, and is now selling it.

  • Looks like a nice building and I love those units with the floor-to-ceiling windows, but I think living directly across from the Giant would have both its pluses and minuses.

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