More Info on Development at Lloyd’s Deli (Miss Kim’s) on 18th Street, NW


Last week I mentioned that there was some movement in the space at 1917 18th St, NW (north of T St). I happened to walk by last weekend when the owner was out front. He said the name of the new place will be City2Cafe and it will be a proper “Homestyle Deli”. He hopes they will be open by mid-late April. They will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner with seating inside and outside. This will not be a sit down restaurant with servers but more like a proper deli where you place your order at the counter. Sounds very promising. I can’t wait to check them out. I’ll be sure to update when they officially open, you can see there is still a bit of construction work left to do:


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  • That’s great news. There are a lot of office workers within a few blocks of here (me included) who reflexively head to the joints on Connecticut Avenue for lunch but a good deli would draw a lot of folks over to 18th. Just look at the traffic Lauriel Plaza gets at lunch. I wonder how this deli will compliment/compete with Java House and the little deli down 18th st.?

  • I think it will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood. As someone who lives on this block, I do like Jolt N Bolt, but their service is abysmal and hours are odd (early closings on some days). That said, a true deli is something that will be much appreciated.

  • Great sandwiches at Dupont Market (I think that’s what cookietime mentioned) a block away.

  • Ahhh…Dupont Market is great too.

  • wandafish

    Does anyone know what happened with Miss Kim? She was great! The shop was a dive, but you could always rely on her for a good greasy burger and huge onion rings.

  • Very interesting… I hope this is the type of place where I can grab a few sandwiches on the way home.

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