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  • And former crack house. This is a great, but often overlooked, location. That’s a pretty good price for a building with some charm to it that’s less than a block from Meridian Hill.

  • Its in the basement (or B Level). And since when is Meridian Hill Park steps to Georgetown? I laugh at folks that write these ads.

  • I love that building. But that apartment is less than 500 sq ft., so $3 sq. ft. per month. Doesn’t seem like much of a deal to me.

    • I think $1400 for a 500 sq ft apartment is actually typical for the area and probably a decent deal. However, if it’s a basement it’s harder to tell. I think it is very misleading when people post photos on rental ads that aren’t of the actual unit.

  • Apartment Ratings gave it 14% out of 100%. NOT GOOD.

  • $1400 for a tiny basement? These people are nuts.

  • Good God, I remember when this place used to be the Antioch School of Law. LOL!

  • I’ve always wanted to live in that house.

  • i rented one of the units with the balcony sevearal years ago for $1,800 or $1,900. it was a great sunny space, that balcony was a very nice feature. but, management was terrible. the roof leaked…several times and was never really fixed. they were hard to contact, even when i was trying to rent the apartment!

  • ditto to KGB. the management sucks! i rented out an apt in that building and had a water leak. management couldn’t figure out where the water was coming from and tried to just tell me that everything would be fine. luckily, i was able to break my lease, and i got out of there as fast as i could.

  • I love this building…even for that price per sq foot.

  • Yes it’s a beautiful building — reminds me of the Glasgow School of Art designed by C.R. Mackintosh — but good friends of ours lived there for less than a year and had issues with management similar to other posters’ issues.

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