Mon. Afternoon Rental Option (Reader Request)

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This apartment is located at New York Ave and N Street, NW:

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The Craigslist ad has expired but a reader is still curious as to whether you think it’s a good deal. They write:

“It’s the lower level of a Victorian that sits on the corner of NY Ave. and N St. NW. I went to see it and the space is really nice, hardwood floors, has 14 windows and an outdoor space in the back, new washer dryer, updated bathroom, etc. I’ve been looking for awhile and this is pretty much perfect except it’s on NY Ave which is an enormously busy street, and it’s a lower level although it does get tons of light. I’m familiar with the neighborhood already and would only be moving a few blocks south of the place I’m currently staying. I’d love to get your readers input as to whether $1150 is too much to pay for a 1 bedroom in this location.”

I think $1150 sounds legit for a proper one bedroom with all those windows. What do you guys think?

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  • I think it sounds like a pretty good deal. Again I can’t see the inside. I tried to look for it on Craigslist but it doesn’t come up.

    The only downside is that intersection has Big Ben liquors and quite a few people hang out in front. I walk by them almost daily and never had any trouble though.

  • I think its a much better deal than a 1 bedroom six blocks from the Rhode Island Ave. metro for only a little less…

  • It’s an alright price, but I think you could probably find equivalent or even better elsewhere if you wanted. It’s a very high traffic intersection, which is not for everyone.

  • That far east (for Shaw) and I’d say it should be maybe $50 less. But close enough.

  • I think it’s a bit high. I live about half a mile east of that in Eckington, and I only pay about 700 dollars for a basement apartment. Granted, you are still part of NW and not NE, which may explain the price.

  • Anyone have any idea how much a one bedroom would rent for 3 blocks from Convention Center Metro in a 2 Br/1Ba house, parking included.. Newly renovated house, nice appliances.. $900?

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