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This apartment is located at 3811 Porter Street, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Spacious studio apartment with wooded views, full kitchen, full bath, separate office space, and separate storage space. New stove, refrigerator, HVAC, and washer/dryer. Wall-to-wall carpeting and cable. Wonderful community walking distance to shops, restaurants, movies, grocery store, metro and metrobus. Includes membership to swimming pools and tennis courts. Pets welcome.”

More info about McLean Gardens here.

Given the weather this past weekend I was drawn by the swimming pool. Does $1300 sound reasonable?

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  • We rented a two-bedroom apartment in McLean Gardens before buying our current house (we actually could see that pool from our windows). Don’t remember what we paid in rent; I want to say $2,100.

    Two Whole Foods about a mile in either direction.
    Crime is almost non-existent.
    The aformentioned pool, if you like that sort of thing.
    Picnic areas with grills throughout the complex.
    (Hopefully) a new Giant is right around the corner.

    Metro is about a 15-minute walk away.
    Served by the always unreliable 30-series bus line.
    Parking is a bitch after about 7 p.m. if you don’t have a parking pass.

  • man that pool looks nice.. i wonder if they charge alot for the dues

    • When I lived there in ’97/’98 there were no additional dues/fees for pool use – each unit just got 2 resident passes and 2 guest passes. Not sure if it’s still the same.

  • Yep, each unit gets resident passes and two guest passes.

  • Nice place to live but you need a car. As noted above, 30’s never show up and the metro is a long 15 min walk – try 20 min.

  • My wife and I lived here after our first child, about 5 years ago. We paid about $2,200 for a spacious 2 bedroom and a parking pass. It was a decent deal though, as you got access to the pool, the workout room and other things (I SWEAR I don’t work for this place). They were condos right before we started renting.

    I think they had a shuttle that took you to the metro, but I never used it. Of course we had the Giant then, and I loved it. Also, that was before 2AMYS had a three-hour wait every night, so we went about 3 times a week.

    We no longer live in DC, and we bought a large house, but many a day I long to be back in the District. I miss this place, and it is funny b/c we totally rented it thinking we were leaving our cool apartment in Logan and moving to the boring part of town. We loved it though.

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