Mistress Domina Vontana on Power Exchange (By Danny Harris)

Mistress Domina

Danny Harris is a DC-based photographer, DJ, and collector of stories. In September, he launched People’s District, a blog that tells a people’s history of DC by sharing the stories and images of its residents. Every day, People’s District presents a different Washingtonian sharing his or her insights on everything from Go Go music to homelessness to fashion to politics. You can read his previous columns here.

“I am a preacher’s daughter from Whitefish, Montana. I grew up in barns, and we would go out on stampedes and round up the young bulls in the spring and castrate them. I saw the force of life from a very young age and was taught not to flinch. Education was a huge emphasis in my family, and there was always that push to seek knowledge. I definitely credit the area where I grew up for a lot of the qualities that now make me a Dominatrix, like hard work, education, and loyalty.

“When I tried to break into the Dominatrix scene in D.C., no one would give me an opening, which is how I ended up stripping out on the Eastern Shore. During that time, I went out to San Francisco for S&M training and really benefited from the networking. I found people whom I could call when I had questions as a young Dom. Three weeks after my Dad died, I put up an ad on Craigslist as a Dominatrix. One of the major reasons I do this work is because I know that my father was submissive. I know that if he had understood himself, he’d still be here today.

“When people don’t accept who they are on whatever level, whether sexual, social or personal, they can do a lot of damage to themselves because of how unhappy they are. I just want every father, mother, daughter, and lover out there to be able to know who they are and honestly communicate that to their partner, whether it is vanilla sex or extreme kink. If someone is coming to me to induce a feeling of shame because they don’t feel comfortable with what they desire, they need to seek a psychotherapist, not me. I only want to play with people who are comfortable with their desires and embrace their identity. I screen people using extreme intuition and patterns. When you are in the business long enough, you learn who the wankers are and you can point them out in ten seconds. Continues after the jump.

“People come to me to do all kinds of scenes that include things like rope bondage, impact play, which is everything from spanking with a hand or a paddle to flogging and hitting, and cross-dressing, which is my bread and butter. There is so much cross-dressing out there. You would have no idea because someone can just wear panties to work under their trousers. I love edge play, which is the scary, psychological stuff when you get inside somebody’s head and play with their fears. It builds up someone’s confidence. As for rope bondage, I was into rope before I knew about this scene. A pile of rope makes me smile. I think it takes me back to my farm days.

“I also do traditional slave play and service. Some people are really fulfilled and satisfied by coming and cleaning my house and knowing that I appreciate them. It sounds a little unbelievable to those that haven’t experienced it, but it is very sincere. Now I have one boy who is 27 and Jewish and has served me for two years. I also have my little Indian boy. He is 22 and has been with me for a couple of months now. I would love to find a girl, too.

“Being a preacher’s daughter and a Dominatrix, I can see things that other people can’t see in people, including their power. Power is real, and these people in D.C. pack a lot of it. What these people are giving up to me – their will, their intellects, their bodies, their desires, their pocketbooks – are larger and stronger than anywhere in the world. This is the perfect city for what I do. These are important individuals who have a lot of people that rely on them. They spend all day making heavy decisions. When they come to visit me, my ropes set them free. The smallest consideration for the submissive inside of them is enough to empower them to go out and work hard for another three to four weeks. I’m like a therapist, a life coach, a best friend, a Momma who is gonna tell it to you straight. Generally, if they maintain a professional relationship with me, they are also better husbands and partners when they go home.

“I hope to meet someone and settle down someday, as I was disowned by my family. That person has to be very emotionally secure and intellectually sophisticated. When I am out at a bar, I tell people that I am a consultant who works with the military. But when I’m trying to get to know somebody, I usually put it out there pretty quickly. Occasionally, I have a lover of my own who is not freaked out by what I do for a living. A lot of people think I’m a prostitute. All I want to say is that this is so much work with the equipment, the overhead, the cleaning, the supplies, and the sanitation. If I had wanted to take the easy way, I would have done that a long time ago. I pay thousands of dollars every year to attend seminars, where I build my skills. Give me credit.”

Read more about Mistress Domina Vontana here. Learn more about the BDSM community in D.C. from Black Rose and DCTNG.

Tomorrow, People’s District will share the story of Vishal, Mistress Domina’s slave.

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  • I bet she dominates at making sandwiches…

  • Vonstallin

    Yummy yummy…..
    nice pic.

  • “Now I have one boy who is 27 and Jewish and has served me for two years. I also have my little Indian boy.”

    Mistress, I’m sure it was important for you to include the racial/ethnic categories of your submissives… though for the life of me I can’t figure out the reasoning.

    (And PoP, I’m all for the BDSM community having their voice. But it would sure be nice to see something posted on this website that is sexual in nature and NOT FOCUSING ON A WOMAN for once. Cmon, man!)

    • I suppose you’d rather have her perpetuate the lie that members of the Jewish community don’t participate in such deviant activities. Typical.

    • actually I only answered the questions as prompted by the interviewer. And yes race is very important. That’s why it was asked about. My mentor is from Argentina. Many in my stable have a fetish for blondes. We embrace these highlights and are comfortable with the uncomfortable, for the most part. The rest we are working on:-)

  • It’s always the preacher’s daughter.

  • There sure are a lot of people on here just trying to be offended aren’t there?

    Mistress only cares about one color and that color is green.

    • ahhhh dear boy you are mistaken. A true mistress isn’t just in this for the money. A true mistress cares about her property because her property is her greatest asset as well as her greatest joy. Said property can also be her greatest grief and heartache as well. Mistresses can micro manage though most choose not to. Mistresses love cherish and adore their slaves and subs in a manner which makes them feel loved and to a large extent free. there truly can be happiness in slavery.

  • ah

    It’s not the PrinceSS of Petworth blog.

  • The spankings will continue until morale improves!

    What’s the end of a tough week like? Do you pop open a beer sit down in front of Law and Order and get take out?

  • Great picture and attitude, I would love to photograph her….

  • Great story. Certainly different from the rest and very refreshing.

    Thanks POP for posting!

  • “When I tried to break into the Dominatrix scene in D.C., no one would give me an opening . . .”

    Does anyone else find that statement really funny?

  • Aren’t you chilly? It looks freezing out there.

    Great write up. Your clients are, as always, appreciative.

  • “When I am out at a bar, I tell people that I am a consultant who works with the military.”

    For me, that would be the best surprise ever when you eventually tell me the truth.

  • more power to you, for doing what you do despite the crap you must get from people out there.

  • MDV, I applaud you for following your calling. So many of us just clack around until we find an employer that refuses to fire us. I don’t know anything about BDSM, nor do I want anyone to spank me, but I do appreciate a professional when I see one!

    That, in a nutshell, is why I so enjoy the Danny Harris posts.

  • “When people don’t accept who they are on whatever level, whether sexual, social or personal, they can do a lot of damage to themselves because of how unhappy they are.”

    -Truer words were never spoken. I think it’s great that you are comfortable with who you are and that you help others to get to that same place of comfort. You have probably prevented all sorts of collateral damage that your clients would have done to themselves and/or others.

    And if you’re still looking for a partner who can understand and support your choices . . . 😉

  • Only fitting that she would be posing at a monument to somebody who died in the Red Light District.

  • Capitalism is alive and well! Thank goddess! A woman rockin’ a mean-ass whip…this is what Hilary Clinton should be doing. BTW, Im jewish and black and lesbian and yeah, slaves should be of all nationalities and persuasions and dominatrices should be young, pretty blondes….Quentin Tarantino is on the other line!

  • Great interview. She’s got attitude, does what she wants, I love it.

  • I can only say that Mistress is one of the coolest & sweetest people I’ve ever come into contact with. Mistress DV has been a blessing as well as perfect angel in my life. I am not prepping to preach on any sort of religious soapbox- Mistress DV & I just have a gr8 artistic & highly loving relationship. There’s nothing or no one out there that could change the many wonderful opinions I have & feel towards Mistress. DV is my sister, friend & one of my strongest advocates!

  • great interview, thanks for sharing, DV!

    • um oops that was actually my idiot friend but biggest fan taking over my computer last night, per usual during our sleep overs lol apparently the blog kept me signed in automatically. knew I should have told him no (shaking head)

      and if anyone can find the delete button, Goddess please tell me where’s it at…

  • your words show strong belief in who you are and what you do. Your attitude support a community that is not well understood and has the courage to face the many critics. There is generosity in your effort to educate others. Your inner beauty matches your gorgeous look. Great pic!

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