Metro Transit Police Warns of Robberies/FQoTD

Foggy Bottom, thursday evening
Photo by PoPville flickr user Jess J

We’ve spoken about metro robberies and other safety issues many many times. It’s nice to see the Transit Police address the issue (albeit unintentionally comically). The following stats were just released by WMATA in a press release:

“The transit system has seen an increase in robberies recently. In 2009, there were 894 robberies reported, up from 581 reported robberies in 2008. In January, there were 122 reported robberies. Metro Transit Police officers made 142 arrests in January, including 19 robbery-related arrests.”

So my Friday Question of the Day is a rather simple – do you feel safe on metro?

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  • Daily Metro (rail + bus) ridership is typically about 1.2 million on weekdays. In 2009 there were 2.4 robberies per day. So that’s roughly 1 robbery per 500,000 riders each weekday. Ride on average once per day for 10 years and you’re still only around a 1% chance of getting robbed. I like those odds.

  • I wonder how many, what percent, of the arrested, and otherwise involved, were juveniles? Is such data available from metro?

  • It’s extremely safe. Farrrr safer than walking around on actual streets. Please put this crime on the Metro meme to bed. It does happen, but to make it a new epidemic is fear-mongering

  • I feel safe – taking usual precautions of being aware of my surroundings and minding my belongings. Which is not to say that totally protects me but I feel it minimizes the risk.

    captcha = the suspects

  • I am actually shocked to see how little people protect themselves (i.e. their personal belongings) whilst on the Metro. It is a pickpocket’s paradise, especially for men’s wallets in back pockets. I am ALWAYS conscious of where my wallet is and transfer it to an inside jacket pocket before getting on the Metro. If this were Europe or South America there wouldn’t be a man in town who still had his wallet.

  • great video. makes me wonder how long it will be until we have moving video ads (and metro warnings) on the metro… it can’t be that expensive and rolling ads would generate more revenue…

  • Check out the big brains on Brad!

    You’re more at risk of anything happening to you walking TO the Metro than actually being in the train!

  • I don’t feel safe enough that I count my Benjamins in the open doorway of a metro train, but otherwise, I feel pretty safe. I’m honestly more worried about gravity taking my wallet from my jacket pockets than anyone else doing so.

  • I feel safe. Don’t own an iPod or iPhone. While I usually read when I’m on the train, I always try to be aware of my sorroundings. This comes from several years as a volunteer EMT (the first thing they teach you is scene safety) and some self-defense training.

  • The lighting in the top photo makes it look like an old Dutch painting. Gorgeous.

  • My MP3 player died so I’ve been using my old sony walkman – I can’t wait for some punk to steal it then simply gaze upon the tape compartment in utter puzzlement.

  • Someone pointed out how careless people are, flaunting their iPods openly and keeping their wallets in the back pockets. I went to Medellin, Colombia last fall and one of the things I noticed was how security conscious everyone was on their Metro system. Lots of people had iPods, but you never saw anyone take theirs out; instead, they were kept deep in pockets, and everyone even snaked their headphones through their clothing, so you couldn’t even tell which pocket. And their system has 10x as many police present. It was only when I came back home I started noticing how people really do flaunt their stuff on our system, and yet still, the stats are very much on our side.

  • The Pearl Earbud comment is priceless.

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