Leftbank Closing Saturday in Adams Morgan


Washington Business Journal reported the news yesterday:

“Adams Morgan nightspot Leftbank will close its doors on Saturday.

When reached by email, manager Gaye Gunes said the business has been sold, and the space will reopen as a new restaurant. No details on the new spot were immediately available.”

Leftbank was located at 2424 18th St., NW. I’ll be sure to update when more info becomes available about the new restaurant. Were there any fans of Leftbank out there?

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  • I’ll always fondly remember it as “that place that used to be Cities”.

  • I’m a fan, but I’ve never seen it too crowded, so this makes sense. I’ve had some good meals there, but the last one, was not so memorable.

  • It’s about time. Honestly, I don’t know how it stayed open this long. Au revoir.

  • I’m with Smoove T. Cities was a real hotspot in the 90s…the ground floor was a city themed restaurant and the dance club (now condos) was accessed through the door and staircase to the right. quite VIP and hip at the time.

  • Ditto pqresident and smoovet – not sad to say goodbye to the place that used to be Cities.

    I went there once – food was mediocre. No reason to go back.

  • The place was terrible. Good riddance.

  • Never went there for the nightlife. I’ve had brunch there a couple times, though, and enjoyed it. Oh well.

  • The last time I was there, I kept thinking to myself… “this place doesn’t do much really really well.” It was a little on the expensive side… the food was average and the staff wasn’t memorable. That’s a bad combination in this city.

    I could stroll across the street and find a much better bar or restaurant for less.

  • Oh Man! They had one hell of a brunch…and it was never crowded…which is probably why they are closing.

  • Half a slice of toast. We went there for brunch once, and the meal came with half a slice of toast. Seriously. Half a slice. You really have to be that pretentious? Can we get the other half please? Screw this place. Good riddance.

  • I heard their brunch was the best thing they did, and it was crap. Lousy food and snotty service… no wonder they were the only restaurant on the street with no wait for a table that morning. Amazed they hung on this long.

  • When I first moved to the city I went there by myself to try and grab a quick bite. I waited 20 minutes and still nobody waited on me. Good riddance, pretentious jerk place.

  • Well, I think the comments pretty much sum it up!

  • One less Sysco delivery.

  • Not to be missed. @Thought – Good call on Sysco.

  • I’ve been waiting for that joint to close for ages. It opened back around the time that people thought adams morgan would become a niche eurotrash neighborhood. Its a great space so here’s to hoping a quality place moves in. We have french, mexican, brazilian, cuban, indian, ethiopian, I’m thinking a pan asian place could be good. but not high-end. Hell I’d love to see Sticky Rice open up there. It would clean up

  • The brunch was actually decent and never a line. Will miss having that option in a zone where weekend waits can be long.

  • I will miss this place – I loved the French techno and Brazilian jazz they played, it sounds like the music you hear in all the restaurants in St. Barts. And screw the places across the street (not you, Cafe Latrec), do you like waiting in a long line for bad croque monsieur and no decent hash browns? It was also kid-and-stroller friendly believe it or not.

  • I always enjoyed the brunch, so I’m sad to see it go! I really liked the eggs with salmon and cream cheese.

  • I went here once when it was fairly new to try it out and never went back. The atmosphere is so cold with that hard concrete floor and the place has a loud echo. Don’t remember much about the food but I doubt it was very good or I would have tried it again. Never seemed like much of a fun place. It’s always nearly empty whenever I went by. No wonder it didn’t last. I’m surprised it survived so long.

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