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I enjoyed reading yesterday’s judging of the recently opened Churckey/Birch & Barley spots on 14th. Another recently opened spot I’m curious about is Againn which we first heard about back in Sept. ’09. Againn is located at 1099 New York Ave, NW. Their Web site says:

“A contemporary British Isles Bistro. A place to gather – your thoughts or with friends – and enjoy traditional British Isles pub cuisine presented in modern ware. Extensive single-malt Scotch, whisky, and beer selections, as well as fine wines, hand-crafted cocktails, and personal scotch lockers.”

You can see their menus here.

Any fans?

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  • What’s a “hand-crafted cocktails”?

  • I was pleasantly surprised here–it’s kid-friendly but not obnoxious, and the food (brunch at least) was good!

  • if you are a fan of ridic overpriced items, this is the place for you. good beer selection and food is good.

  • This is a good place for happy hour, but I have been consistently disappointed with the food. I’ve eaten a couple of times at dinner, as have my colleagues, and no one is jumping at the chance to go back anytime soon.

  • Ate there once, had chicken pot pie, which was excellent. Great beer selection, of course. Nice atmosphere and service. But with Commonwealth a lot closer and a bit cheaper, I doubt I’d make the trek there that often, even though I enjoyed it.

  • Personal Scotch locker, personal Scotch locker, personal Scotch locker…

  • pcat

    The food at Againn is neither good nor British. The chips appear to come right out of a bag of frozen french fries, the brussels sprouts are ok but because the service is so poor they take forever to come out. The desserts are served in jars (not anything I’ve ever seen in England or Scotland). They taste good but are impossible to get out of their containers. On top of that, the prices are too high for average food and poor service. I made the mistake of giving them a second chance. I won’t be giving them a third.

  • Went yesterday. I enjoyed it. I had the pork belly and my friend had the lamb special. Both very good. Sticky toffee pudding and chocolate coffee cake for dessert. Both good, no tricky containers. The staff was very attentive. I will definitely go back again.

  • been there twice on expense account. food was decent, service was slow, everything is overpriced. i’ll go back as long as the company is paying, couldn’t see spending my own money here though. for the money, there are better restaurants to choose from a block or two away

  • The faux British food in this town is getting to be as bad as the faux Irish.

  • Perhaps a better pub crowd might be found, but even if presented in contemporary modern ware at a British Isles bistro, good British food is still an oxymoron.

  • The food wasn’t very good. I had the pork belly, and it was tough and overly salty. The fish and chips was about as average as it gets, and for that much money I expect more. They had a couple decent beers that are hard to find in DC, but not enough to really give a damn. It’s like a shitty Brasserie Beck for English food and with less/worse beer. Granted, there are far greater sins, and the staff was actually great (one guy came out after dinner for drinks), but it’s just really not worth the money.

  • I was very disappointed with the food. I went for the ‘vegetable pie’. It was a very small amount of veg with mashed potato on top. That ain’t a pie. Thats a (crap) veggie shepherds pie.

  • I went once and food was terrible and expensive and the servers were slow and rude. I don’t plan to go back.

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